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Good PL Gym in Columbus

Anyone know of a good powerlifting gym in Columbus, Ohio for someone just starting Westside?

And no, I can’t lift at WSB…they would laugh if I walked in…

I live no where near Ohio but I have heard from other people that the Power Shack in Grove City is supposed to be good. I hear they have pretty much everything you need. There was a post about it on elitefts.com a couple days ago about what they had. But as far as I know Grove City could be on the other side of Ohio but look into it it could be right down the road from you.

Grove City is about 35 minutes. I saw the thread over at elite.

It has comparable equipment to the World Gym I lift in now.

I am really looking for a gym set up with chains and bands. I guess that it will end up being the gym in my basement.