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Good periodization plan

I’ve been doing the following periodization
program, and it works quite well for me. Just
thought I would pass it along.

Weeks 1-6: fat loss phase: relatively low weight, high reps (9-12), short rest periods, hypo-caloric diet. Focus in this phase is on fat loss while minimizing muscle loss.

Weeks 7-12: hypertrophy phase: moderate
weight, moderate reps (5-8), moderate rest
periods, large hyper-caloric diet. I’ve found
that doing a diet phase right before a
hypertrophy phase primes your body for new
growth. A recent article by John Berardi
provides evidence to back up this observation.
Focus in this phase is on “muscle growth.”

Weeks 13-21: neurological phase: heavy weight, low reps (1-4), long rest periods, maintenance calorie or slightly above diet. Eating a maintenance calorie diet in this phase will help to solidify gains from the hypertrophy phase, while focusing on strength gains during this phase.

You’ll also notice that the training
intensity increases with each phase. Each
phase trains at a higher % of 1RM. This
is similar to one of Ian King’s approachs.

Week 22: rest.

Week 23: Repeat.

Anyone else doing some thing like this?
If so, what have been your results?

My current cycle is a little different but my next cycle will be similar to yours.

I have no cutting phase
A 4 week hypertrophy phase
A 6 week max strength neural phase
A 3-4 week power phase

Next cycle will have
a cutting phase
and a ramping phase from hypertrophy -> max strength
so that there are not two distinct phases more of a progression where in the first part i concentrate more on hypertrophy and in the second part i concentrate more on strength
In fact I think linking the phases is an over looked but important aspect of training.
you cant go from training with 60 % of your max to 90% of you max in the space of one microcycle