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Good PCT After 20 Week Cycle


hey guys i need help with planning a good solid pct after my cycle. i ran eq 600 mg solo for 20 weeks. I know iam going to be shutdown very very hard so i need a good solid plan to get my testes goin again. i have hcg 5000 iu and nolva and clomid on hand.




Why not just blast and cruise?


lol stay on life? dont really wanna. 100 mg/week hrt lol


If you don't want difficult recovery, or having to opt for blast and cruise, then don't run 20 week cycles. Since you have already done that, you might as well run an HRT level dose of test in conjunction with a proper HCG protocol to give yourself a decent platform for recovery, while not having a giant hormonal crash/backlash. Clomid and Nolva therapy to follow (you can find PCT's all over here). There is nothing wrong with starting the clomid early (during your HCG).


juice i have thought about blast and cruise but iam too young. Iam coming off on 200 mg of test which i will be using hcg while on the test and some nolva because of the hcg then ill go on to clomid.


im never doing a 20 week cycle again never. iam actually looking into 4-6 week cycles. Probly test tren dbol


Test prop and hcg. blast 2500iu hcg EOD for 2 weeks, then nolva 40/40/20/20/20/20 and Clomid 100/100/50/50/50/50


Wtf is this bullshit? Stop bro-ing this forum up! Have you done this? Your dishing out potentially dangerous advice when you are clearly misinformed and inexperienced. Have you done the PCT plan you laid out? Most guys would be emotional wrecks on that amount of clomid and would fuck themselves up from that retarded hcg dose.

OP. I would do a test taper with low dose HCG + AI, I would also run a 3-4 week typical SERM PCT and get blood tests 3-4 weeks after I come off EVERYTHING to re-evaluate. If blood work is fucked, you will probably need to be on lifelong TRT or just Blast and Cruise.


OP, I really regret giving you advice. You ran a 20 week cycle of low dose EQ? FUCK, that is probably the most retarded cycle I have ever seen. Ever.


bigandstrong that wasnt all the cycle was. i did test prop 400 mg anavar ed 60 mg , and eq 600 mg for the first 6 weeks of it, then just kept continuing the eq and ramped it up to 800 mg/week and stayed on that the rest of the cycle. its only my third cycle too


Most people (from my experience) will not have perfect blood results 3-4 weeks after PCT so how can you say he will have to be on life-long TRT?
Most likely he will recover over time even if it takes months to years and the worst case senario is that he will need hormone replacement but you cant jump to that conclusion just from a 20 week cycle.
I dont know what sort of a PCT needs to be run after a 20 week cycle but I dont think he will need HRT once everythings done.


thanks for havin hope man appreciate it


Yes, yes i have ran that PCT. With great sucess too i might add. If you are having problems with your emotions then feel sorry for you, but most people put up with the clomid side effects when they need to PCT. That is not a high dosage of clomid, and i suggested running it for 6 weeks due to the length of the cycle the OP has done.

As for the hcg, you have clearly shown that you are the inexperienced and misinformed, there are many boards and people out there that recommend this as the best way of using hcg. And even if you dont agree with it, the fact that you have never heard of it shows me all i need to know about you.

A low dose of hcg, why would you recommend this? Are you honestly that stupid? The man has been shut down for 5 months without hcg and he wants to pct. Stop giving stupid advise. And please tell me how an AI is going to improve recovery? TRT- facepalm!


IMO a smaller amount of HCG, from 400-600iu ED for the first week would be sufficient to start, increasing it incrementally if your nuts don't start a-swinging. That way the LH receptors in your nuts aren't going to down regulate.