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Good Pain Bad Pain


What does a muscle that is growing feel like on off days? Here's my breakdown:

  1. Haven't worked out in 6 months and then did heavy bench presses pain.
  2. Pulled muscle pain/general soreness - low amount of pain but very noticeable in range of motion. For example, if you did sprints at 80% after not doing anything like that for 6 months.
  3. Torn muscle pain - sharp and hot.
  4. Tired, dull, persistent pain and when specific muscle is used all strength seems to disappear.
  5. No pain, but tired.
  6. No pain, not tired.

I'm just wondering what other people feel like after their workouts. I generally experience a slight #1, but since starting Thib's shoulder workout for my Mon and Fri, I've been getting some #4 in my shoulders.

Usually a good intake of whey powder and tuna take care of the #1, but the #4 seems to be resistant to "protein therapy." I'm not sure if it's tendon or ligament pain.