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Good Orthopedic Surgeon in Boston?

Here’s the story: I had 2 bad shoulders. After 10 sessions of ART my right shoulder is perfect and my left shoulder still hurts. The Dr., who is certified in ART and teaches it, tells he can’t find any more damage in the soft tissue of the joint. He suggests that I go to an orthopedic surgeon to get the cartilage in the joint examined. When I went to an orthopedic surgeon today, he looks at me like I was an idiot for suggesting there may be a problem with the cartilage. I felt like chokin’ him into unconsciousness (he didn’t see me until 2 hours after my appointment time and that fucked up my day at work). Instead, I let them take x-rays, they should no bone damage (duh!), and he recommends I see the physical therapist across the hall.

That would be wasting my time because I’ve already done physical therapy and ART. Now, my plan is to find an orthopedic surgeon who will just let me get an MRI and will examine the cartilage. I’m open to advice from anyone who has been through this before or knows medicine/rehabilitation.

I’m bumping this up just to give it a little more time on the board. Natt

There is a Doc at MGH who specializes in shoulders. He is the director of the shoulder clinic. Although I have no direct experience with him, I work at MGH and have only heard good things. His name is Gary Pearlmutter. You can find info on him at WWW.Massgeneral.org. Go to departments and look from there. There is a whole list of others, but I’ve heard he’s real good. Good Luck. Steve

My father-in-law is an orthopedic surgeon in Portland, ME. He’s not real progressive but I do know him personally and may be able to talk with him. His name is Dr. David Paul. I can get more details if you’d like.

About ten years ago I had surgery to repair and remove part of the Glenoid Labrum> after months of electo stim, ultra sound, various exercises I had a scope done and that is how it was determined. Get that MRI. and have them figure out what the heck is going on in there. Let me tell you though it was excruiating. I iced it all the time.

MRI’s are expensive and these helth care plans just do not want to fork over the $$$$.

I hate to say this but you have to make it sound worse than it is. As a T-man we try to work through everything. We try to play through it. I notice when I get injurred I always play it down. Hey we do not want to be sissy’s but this can work against you. You know that > walk it off mentality. Just last summer my son cut his leg wide open and here i am telling him " Your Ok don’t worry about it" 12 stitches later i realized I had done the wrong thing.

Back to the point.

Exagerate it! It is sad thing but it is the squeeky wheel that gets the greese.

Soul Crusher- Thanks for the offer but Maine’s too far.
Steve- I’ll look him up tomorrow, thanks.
Ray- I was hoping they could bill this under some type of sexual dysfunction considering most positions that resemble me being on top hurt like hell. If that doesn’t work, I’ll say I’m in constant agony. My other question is how should I go about getting a doctor who’s willing to give me an MRI. The first guy practices orthopaedic surgeon/ sports medicine and he wouldn’t give me an MRI. Should I call another doctor and get him to agree to the MRI before I see him?