Good Opportunity?

As I mentioned in my “confession”, I’m fully focussed on bodybuilding at the moment, but my head is being turned by this place just down the road. Does this sound like a good opportunity I might be missing out on?

"Nemesis ( is a Bath based team teaching an extremely effective and practical Close Quarter Combat (CQC) system designed for modern day self protection. We specialise in a short duration, high intensity conflict, often characterised by a sudden burst of hostility at an extremely close range. The system covers threat assessment, conï¬â??ict resolution, control & restraint, partner assist, as well as combat within all ranges.

We also work closely with Trojan Free Fighters, one of Britains top profesional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) teams and provide training for a new generation of MMA competitors in Bath. Our training includes: Boxing, Muay Thai, Submission Grappling and Olympic Wrestling. The classes are taught by some of the best coaches in the country, for example:

* Boxing is taught by Islan Eltuyev: 2 xÃ? USSR Boxing Champion whoÃ? has also coached Jamie Cox to the CommonwealthÃ? goldÃ? in Melbourne (2006),

* Wrestling is taught byÃ? Saeed Esmaeli: 1996 European Freestyle Wrestling Champion who has coached GB Olympic team members and British champions.

We are a nice, friendly and quite social bunch, even if I say so myself! :slight_smile: We are training five days a week and are based in Oldfield Park, next to the train station. So, fell free to pop in if you are interested or just have an evening free! By the way, we’ve just made a little video about the team. Feel free to check it out:

About Team Nemesis - YouTube "

Looks pretty solid! Watched the video and those guys looked like they’re not only good teachers, but good with detail as well. Only one thing I consistently saw wrong, turning the hips while kicking. Didn’t see it once, SO MAKE SURE YOU DO IT!