Good old Osgood Schaulter Syndrom

Ok folks, another victim here, just got cortison injected into my knee because the pain was just too heavy.
As you know i have 3-4 tims basketball a week and i lift 3-4 times. the doctor has said i have imbalances in my legs that cause my tibia(i guess the bone where the patella ligament connect to the knee) to swole, the oain is just unreal, I can?t walk after practise. He said I have to get my hamstrings real strong.Since I was hitting them real hard, I was surprised that he said my hams are actually weak?!??!?!?!?!

My question is:
Should I stop basketball?If yes for how long?
Should i stop any movement that strengthens the quads?and just really push the hammies to the edge???
What exercices can I do? the doc said do LegCurls.Since i don?t train at a gym, what should I do? I was thinking about GoodMornings,ReverseHypers,Natural Glute Hams( dont have a bench).
I just want to make sure I dont lean forward with my shins, because that when the pain is real heavy.

  • My old Coach has said ishould do 6 weeks of 10-12 reps work and then lower the reps to 6.He said I need cross sectional Muscle fibers first or something like that. Right now I am icing the area right after every training, I dont know if it helps tho?

Whoa, long read, I still hope that someone outthere is willing to help.

I appriciate



I also have this problem, and for a while i avoided full range squats, and didnt know what a single leg squat was!
Instead I did leg presses, extensions, etc. Very dumb i know.

Anyways, my knee feels good 98% of the time now due to doing extremely full ranger squats (it hurt a little at first, especially on the first couple sets, but stay light and keep at it, then you can go heavy, I just squatted 410 the other week, well below parallel, with no wraps or anything (ps dont become dependant on wraps as they will only hurt you in sporting events i found)

Also, I think that making my hamstrings a priority, as well as incorporating single leg squats, has really helped a lot. Im only 19 so I’m glad I was able to relatively correct the problem when I did

Hope this helps a little bit.


hey man,
you could even try some light straight legged deads. i have torn miniscus cartilage in both knees from college lacrosse and i do these along with leg curls to keep my hams up to pace with my quads. just be sure to keep good form and you will definitely feel it work.

I forgot this earlier but one go see a specialist, and two maybe orthotics or something of that nature are in order.


got diagnosed with this early when I was about 13. Went to the doc and he told me what it was and what I could do for the pain. Basically it was to keep it wrapped, cycle ice and heat compress. I wasn’t to kneel on it, still can’t till this day on hard surface. But the pain was not noticeable after a yr. There was no mention of muscular imbalance as was mentioned above. I try not to bang my knees into anything either, but they’ve toughened up pretty good. Cause was from sprinting and “cutting” from playing soccer and football for most of my life.

Do not do any sort of squatting if you have this disease. One reason that you have it is that these muscles were too active to begin with.

I have seen some progress when the hamstrings were developed, so continue to preform leg curls.

I have also seen progress from three things: 1. Vitamin E and Selenium, 300IU of E and 100mcg’s of Selenium. The second is Ultrasound. You will need a slip from your doctor to go to a Physical Therapist to get Ultra sound. The third thing is to wear special bands over the bump on the knee. You can order these on the net.

Good Luck, and don’t give up, you should make some great progress in under 6 months!

Thanks to all!
I will stop the squats and just get my hammies real strong. what is ultrasound anyway? do you ultrasonic? I tried to get those band, do you jumpers knee? are they available in europe? I was looking to visit toronto this summer. any good docs there that I could go to? OR would ART helpfull?

When you eventually get back to squats you might be best doing PL style box squats as they deemphasise the quads in favour of the posterior chain particularly the hammies.

Ultrasound is sound therapy. When applied to an injured muscle, or tendon it tends to speed healing.

If you type in Osgood Schlatter disease in your search engine you should be able to find a place to order the knee straps. They are helpful as they protect and help to contain the bump. The proper strap wraps around your knee and has a small hole in the middle to surround the bump.

Good Luck!

PS: do you think a jumpers knee will help?

I’ve have this in both of my knees from growing so fast. I grew 11" when I was in 5th grade and in 6th grade is when I started having the pain. The one isn’t too bad and I didn’t do anything for it, where as the other they had me wear a straight brace on it for about a month to 6 weeks. I don’t have much trouble with them now, other than when I kneel down on my knees or crawl on the floor or something like that. Other than recently tearing my LCL in my knee a couple months ago I was still able to do full squats and everything else. I would suggest some rest from the basketball for a few weeks.

Thanks for the help guys, so i should really stop doing my favorite exercice-> Box Squats.???
I have stretched religiosly 10 sets of 10 seconds the quads and hammies everyday, i think it really helps.
Did some light goodmornings yesterday.My knee is definetly better, it could also be the cortison that wa sinjected into it. I Osgood the same thing as a Jumpers Knee?

okay since squatting stoppage was mentioned- i was hit by o.s. around age 13. Started lifting weights around the same time and was still playing soccer. Squatting wasn’t anything spectacular. IN comparison I wasn’t squatting heavy at all- very basic lil kids stuff. Did stop playing soccer for 2 yrs though. Then started back up at 16y/o. Only leg stuff I did was leg press (hey I was just a kid), full squats, calf raises, deads and leg curls. So I guess I took a break from the main cause of the “injury”. But was still able to play after a long break. Body had to adapt I guess. Still did full squats until I read in some men’s fitness mag that it was dangerous so I stopped along with deads. Started full squats again 7 yrs later. Wish I didn’t stop. Had to relearn technique.

Just saying that after a break I don’t think it’s bad to get back into it. Just ease into it, don’t hit your knees (it hurts) if you don’t have to, and check out latest technology because I would think it was better than 1980’s sports therapy technology.