Good Oblique exercises

Hey guys,
I’ve been having trouble finding an exercise that really works the obliques well.Most people recomend twisting situps, which i find are more of an upper ab workout.I have a total gym, but the twisting excersise on that isn’t that effective due to the weight limitation. I’ve tried doing side situps on my bench(declined)w/ my feet hooked under the leg extension which works well for my left side but hurts my back when i try it on the right oblique.I was just wondering if anybody knew of a good excersise to gain size in my skinny oblique muscles.pushing,pulling,twisting i don’t care.Please help me out guys!

Side raises on the floor or with feet anchored on hyperextension machine, dumbbell side bends, medicine ball work, kbell or dumbbell swings, kbell or dumbbell side press. Also, some big movements (Olympic movements, deadlifts) help work your obliques too. I’ve also noticed that hard sprinting works them well.

Try heavy side bends they’ve worked great for me.

I like those full-contact twists in the Evolution of Ab Training article. I do them breathing-style, like some do with squats & Hise shrugs.

While there are many, Saxon Side bends and Turkish Get-Ups will attack that area and have virtually no learning curve. In faith, Coach Davies

try cable wood chops on a pulley station.

Russian Twists (preferably weighted)…hands down, numero uno in Timbo’s book.

I too have had good results with heavy standing side bends to add a little mass on my obliques. you’ll need to add a little variety though after a few weeks.

Try suitcase deadlifts. Load up a olympic bar with weight and stand so that the bar is perpendicular to your side and you are standing right in the middle of it. Bend down and with one hand, deadlift the weight. Its the same motion as if you were picking up a big suitcase. Try to keep your torso straight during the movement. This really blasts the glutes, hams, low back and obliques due to the stabilization.