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Good Numbers to Hit to be Considered Real Strong?


Hey everyone was just wondering what everyone thinks is good numbers to hit to be considered strong..not stronger than 99% of the population, and not just strong. I'm talkin pretty beastly strong lol.

What numbers would this be coming from a BW of 200-205?
Lifts would be:
Chin up (1RM)
I guess curls too

Also is a double bodyweight raw bench considered pretty good, or very strong?




Power GnP,

Do those numbers apply to single ply?


To be considered beastly, holy batshit strong at 200:
Full Squat 600
Bench 440-500
Deadlift 700+
Chin up with BW on a chain
Say 75 consecutive dips

And yes, I just guesstimated numbers. But if you hit those, you're stronger all-around than pretty much everybody.


Depends on who you ask, some people who e-inflate their own numbers will tell you a 400 pound bench is decent at best.

300-400-500 bench-squat-deadlift is enough for me to be considered real strong.


I also like this strength standard chart:



Fuck- you'd be holy batshit strong at 300 of BW if you could do all that. 450ish is really a deep rubicon in raw benching that very few lifters cross. I saw doven of guys benchign 4 plates before I started training at a hardcore, but only one hit 455 and none hitting 5 plates (that is- without "heavy finger spotting").


Pinto, I know one guy who can who I know has hit everything except the chins and dips at 200. I'm reasonably sure he'd do the dips and be close to the chins.
Given he's the only person I know who elicits a "holy shit" amongst admittedly ordinary level powerlifters, I think it's a good benchmark.

I'm fairly sure at 300 practically no-one would do a 300lb chin-up and 75 consecutive dips.

440, or 200kg, is kinda a gold standard in the bench that most people don't cross no matter how long they train, so it's good standard!

I think the main thing is, if you want to be considered exceptional amongst very strong people the standard is a hell of a lot higher.


I guess it depends on your definition of beastly, holy batshit strong :slight_smile: If you mean best in the world, yes, if you mean top 10% of powerlifters, no, those numbers are too high.

In 2007 the best 198 raw PL total was 1585 (200+ lbs short of your benchmark) and in 2008 the best was 1758 (Ryan Celli who is a league of his own, was voted best raw PLer in 2008 and still not your 1800) and the next best was 1600. Again I am assuming you are talking raw, full gear those numbers would put you top 10%.


Celli hit 1807 this year at raw unity, beating Pacifico's best raw total and the record.


Damn. I found out why Ryan Celli is so strong: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCcOCGaV4F4



Yeah I'm talking raw, belt allowed of course. But that's about it.


looks like they took all the assistance stuff at the gym and were like, "lets see if you can bench it"


super strong


most peoples definition of strong



By those standards I'm between intermediate and advanced, and I KNOW I'm not between intermediate and advanced in reality. The definition of intermediate ought to be made for novice, and the stats used for elite are really just advanced. I suppose it's a nice table for the average person to feel good about their self, but that's about it.


You have to consider that "elite" is described as %1 of trained individuals. That's 1/100 trained people with those numbers.

If you start listing big names for truely strong individuals, you should quickly realize that these are more like 1 in a million people.


I should've just kept my mouth shut! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. They are stupidly high numbers, to be honest.
To qualify it a little, these would be raw gym lifts. Touch and go bench, hitched deadlift.
I consider beastly strong to be where almost no-one knows anyone stronger than you, and strong people are impressed. Top 10% of powerlifters wouldn't really cut it, since you run into a fair few powerlifters stronger than you.

I was thinking 600/400/600, but the thought came to me that I know a few people who CAN do that and aren't total freaks.


"Elite: Refers specifically to athletes competing in strength sports."

Basically, that's where you should be (at least) if you want to compete seriously. :wink: Unfortunately, I'm at advanced for the bench & squat, and only intermediate for deadlift. :-/


on that chart the elite for 320 is in mid 400's i dont know if its me but i actually maxed out at 405 at 295lbs the day i turned 18..

1.5 your body weight is good but i wouldnt say elite idk


I agree with the RAW Numbers of 400/500/600

But Its pretty subjective to each person...A person who trains at EFTS would think I'm as strong as 6 year old girl...But I'm one of the strongest guys at my gym and can come damn close to 400/500/500.

I guess I do need to mention that its a pansy Gold's where I am one of 10 people who actually Squat to parallel and one of 3 that do deads...