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Good News


Read this!


Pure conjecture, but worth doing anyway.


Those girls are gorgeous.

What did the article say?


Apparently I'm going to live forever...


Is it better if you stare intently and spank it?


There was an article?


I only wish I was part of the research study,... at least then whenever my wife catches me looking I could say "It's for science honey"...

They really should do a coresponding study of how many years of life a man loses when he is caught looking by his wife/girlfriend.


Life extension centres where guys stare at women's breasts for hours on end and the body just rejuvinates itself is a good business idea.


I'm going to live forever!


Yeah, we call those "strip clubs".


Shit, we might be able to live forever if we look AND touch!


You could charge more if you made the club a clinc instead.