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Good News: Found a New Gym


Hello like some of you know that i got kicked out of my gym, i'ved found a real cool one. It's very big commercial one with a secret weapon: a room dedicated to lifter you know, a power rack (home made, bigger stronger) a deadlift space and a thick bar , yeah a thick bar!!!.

the owner competes on quebec strong man cricuit so he know some guy like to train not to work out. I'M so happy hahaha. sweet place . We can use chalk, screams, sweat.

Jon I have now a new house to train


Get some more training pics! (just don't show your feet/sandals!)


Thick Bar photo. i know this deadlift was gay (450 pounds) but anyway .


Where is that gym? I live in Montreal and would love a place like this!


450 pounds with a thickbar is pretty fuckin impressive to me, and probably others too.

Haha, what did you do to get kicked out of your other gym?


nice lift. perhaps the deadliftER was gay? also, how come you're wearing shoes? ;]

(must ... get ... thick bar)

also, to maintain standard T-Nation spewage:
(1) nice t-shirt
(2) since you can tb dl more than me, you must be juicing
(3) gay ... not that there's anything wrong with that



450 lbs with a regular bar is pretty damn impressive too.


That gym looks much too clean. Put some cobwebs in the corners to give it that "lived in" feel.

Also, add some texture to the walls for more atmosphere. This can easily be acheived by picking up skinny people by their ankles and smacking them into a wall.

Nice deadlift. Not DeiselWeasel standard, but good anyway.