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Good News for the Good Guys!


Check out www.cnn.com (yes, I read that!!!)

The number three in Al Qaeda has been captured!!!

Ten more Al Qaeda were captured in addition.

I can't wait to hear the dead silence from my liberal friends when Bin Laden is captured.

Think they'll praise the administration?


It will be: It took them x number of years!!! If we wouldn't have invaded Iraq it would have happened in 2002!!!

Blah de freakin' Blah!!!



Oh, aren't you a good little cheerleader?

The more that get caught the better! Who the hell can argue with that? I can't believe the ongoing mischaracterizations that I see going on all the time.

It's just plain sad.


Is that your new word for the day: "mischaracterization"? What exactly was mischaracterized? Catching the bad guys? Vroom as a weightlifter? Vroom as an authority on American politics? Canada as an ally?


Vroom, I had a hard time following where exactly where you were going with this one? Could you please re-state whatever it was you were trying to state a little more clearly? Thanks Buckaroo!



vroom, save your moderate image and say something mean about what's referred to above as "the other side".

Until you do actually do that, maybe zeb's right, huh?



You guys really don't see it?

I guess I can't speak for others, but it will be great goddamn day when Osama himself is brought in -- I hope it happens.

It's great that they got some more Al Quaeda operatives.

Anyway, if you don't see the dichotomy or mischaracterization, then spend some time thinking about it... I'm not going to connect the dots for you.


I think he was trying to state that JeffR is the kind of guy who has difficulty tying his own shoelaces without drooling all over himself. That's just what I got out of it though.


that's funny, I don't care who you are!


"I think he was trying to state that JeffR is the kind of guy who has difficulty tying his own shoelaces without drooling all over himself. That's just what I got out of it though."

I'm sorry, did a guy named "orbitalboner" accuse someone else of being ignorant?

Correct me if I "mischaracterized" your statment



WHO has said they hope Bin Laden is not captured? Honestly, is any "republican" dumb enough to think that a large group of people in this country want terrorists to not be caught?


Pox wrote:

POX, there are a minority of people in this country that trully won't give credit to anyone associated with this administration.

Capturing Bin Laden would be an absolutely huge event.

You watch, you and some of your pals WILL NOT give credit to the Administration's policies.

You will give 100% credit to the military/intelligence establishment. You will willfully ignore the behind the scenes work going on DAILY by this Adminstration. In particular, the successful reproachment with Pakistan that will ultimately make bin laden's capture possible.

You will consciously suppress the fact that Pakistan was NO FRIEND of the U.S. prior to Sept 11th. If memory serves, they were the one country that had recognized the taliban government in Afghanistan.

Again, you will not be man enough to give credit to George W. Bush and his administration.

I'd love to be proved wrong!!!

I'll be watching.



I'm sure that the only reason these people were caught was due to the supreme intellectual powers of Georgie Boy. It certainly had nothing to do with the intellegence community that has been in place longer than the administration that you trumpet or the Armed Forces serving our country. Nope it was all due to Bush's planning!


Honestly, does Bush even like you licking his nuts like that? You have got to get in the way of his video game play or the use of his Ipod. I doubt any American would avoid rejoicing at the capture of the brain behind what killed thousands of people. To think otherwise is just stupid. Beyond that, I also think we have lost too much in all of this. I feel that lives were lost that should not have been based on false intel. Regardless of the saliva you leave on his jock strap, many people will never forget that. Why would that be wrong? Why would I praise Bush when Bush is not the one in the trenches? I will praise the men and women who have risked their lives looking for him. I will praise the families who lost members due to all of this. I will not praise one man who sent us to Iraq by trying to substitute Saddam for Ben Ladin. Deal with it.


Now that I've posted in the steriod forum... once... I figure I owe a post to "the other dark side"....

so here is my first post in the politics forum...

oh... and my theory remains... Bin Laden is set up in a Ramada somewhere in DC. I thought they were going to pull 'im out for the election.

so wait... is this the Ace of clubs?


POX and Snoop,

Thanks for making my point.



Hmm, this is interesting.

From what I've been led to believe by republicans, the administration bears absolutely no responsibility of any kind for any of the bad things that have happened, such as the Abu Ghraib incident.

Now, if what you say is true, they bear all responsibility for good things that happen, such as for the capture of Al Queda operatives. Heaven forbid we apply the same criteria and decide the man in trenches deserves the credit.

Please, if you have one, make up your mind already.




Great post.

I love John Kerry fans!!!

Remember: George Senior bought Halliburton. The profits went to buy W out of the buard and into school. The profits were then used to pay every voter to vote for W. (I've been living high off the Halliburton Hog!!!).

Therefore, W. invaded Iraq to give Halliburton a contract as payback!!!



You didn't really have a point. You decided that Bush and/or his admistration deserved the credit for the capture of these criminals. While totally ignoring the people in the trenches who made it happen.

I do agree that some intellegent things have been done by his administration, namely the improved relationship with Pakistan. Bush has nothing to do with planning or executing any military operations he may give the go ahead but that is only after someone tells him it is ok to do so.


JeffR, question for you. It's a little unrelated to this topic, but it has its relevance.

Are you upset at all, even the tiniest bit, that we haven't captured Bin Laden yet?

I ask because no matter who I talk to in real life (not this forum), liberal, dem, repub, or conservative, voted for Bush or not, almost everyone is a little pissed that the mastermind behind one of the most sinister attacks in American history has been running around free for the last 4 years. I understand that you have confidence that we'll get him eventually, so do I, but I'm still a little pissed we didn't get him 4 years ago.

Doesn't it upset you at all that he isn't in a box yet? It just seems weird how you seem to be totally ok with Bin Laden being free, and you chastize others on this board for being upset he isn't captured yet.

It's almost like you want him to be free, or you want to make excuses for why it's ok for him to be free right now. You're the first American I know that feels this way, but you're entitled to your opinions I guess.


As a side note, was I the only one that, for a year after 9/11, went STRAIGHT from my bed to my computer when I woke up hoping to see "BIN LADEN CAPTURED" on cnn.com? I literally did that everyday for a year. Even now, a couple of times a week, when I wake up I load up cnn.com and while it's loading hope I see that headline.

I don't know, it seems like some Americans (like JeffR) seem to have this opinion:

"So I don't know where he is. You know, I just don't spend that much time on him , to be honest with you. I truly am not that concerned about him. I was concerned about him, when he had taken over a country."

Kinda weird, don't you think? Am I in the minority still being concerned about Bin Laden and wanting him captured ASAP?