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Good News For Shugart


Hell, good news for ALL of us.



Kuz, you...are...awesome.

This is proof that there just may be a God. And he likes hot chicks.


"Some people would say that 5 sex scenes in a movie is a bit much, even for a porno, but those people are wrong and need to be punched in the balls."

Never a truer statement spoken or written, to my knowledge.

Good Stuff.


That site (http://www.wwtdd.com) in general is fantastic. It's set up by one of the guys who wrote for TheSuperficial.com and the guy who runs Gorillamask.net, two of the damn funniest sites around. Their combined efforts on What Would Tyler Durden Do is downright brilliant (especially with the full-size, high resolution photos of Jessica Alba and such).


I like to think I add my small part to the betterment of mankind through efforts such as this.


Kuz, super work! Thanks.

For me, the fact that she was in 7th Heaven before just adds to the appeal. I don't exactly know why though.


Whew, after a morning of bullshit, this has really made my day!! Does anyone think ther'll be a problem having the projectionist at the theater just fast-forwarding to the sex scenes when I go see this??


Hey, for our men in uniform, they should be more than happy to do this small service for you.


Oh I think I know why... it's that whole thing about her seeming to be this nice, clean-cut wholesome girl on a family show and then finding out she's a dirty girl. :wink: