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Good News for Edgy



It's all part of God's plan. Make the gingers so happy about their reduced prostate cancer risk that they run outside to celebrate in the sunshine.

ZAP! Malignant melanoma.


I'd like to take Beth out for yogurt and a walk in the graveyard.




Get in line.


oooo baby. tell Yogurt to bring his Schwartz.


hey Bethie Gurl~

sorry for the late response, was in Vegas all week, and you know how that goes.

one of the things that ya'all probably dont know is that another issue with the Gingahs is that thier incredible sex drive - that makes sense that their prostates are incredibly healthy.

good think that my liver is also - damn~

oh well, we'll all be extinct in a couple of generations anyway, so it aint our prostate health that is the issue~


btw - nice gunz~


Best post!


Best post!


The reason I overlook the lack of soul.


ever body hates em~






^That is some funny shit rt there!!


pls dont encourage her, Print.




Everyone loves a good firecrotch!


Derek wtf!?


Dont get me started.

Have to go do a physical and grab some guys nuts.