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Good News for Bulkers


Hi, for those of us on a bulk, but wanting to eat clean (Precision Nutrtion principles, etc), heres a way that might help from

"The researchers concluded the combination of eating fast and until full has a supra-additive effect on gaining weight after finding that the participants who did both had a higher body mass index (BMI) and energy intake than those who didn't."

The article is of course saying slow down your meals, and bring on the feeling of fullness, so you can slim down.

So eat fast, but clean - wolf those steaks and sweetpotatoes down, and perhaps reduce the fat-gain that accompanies a good bulk.



3:20 am central time over here. You'll get some responses when its daylight again.


Why would you reduce the fat gain by eating fast? The article said nothing of the sort.


Not only that, but this is not new information. It takes minutes for your brain to accept the message of stretch receptors in the stomach which means the faster you eat, the more food you should be able to get down before you feel too full to eat more.


Wouldn't this simply be a function of outpacing the satiety effect that can kick in within 15-20 minutes of eating your last bite of food?

Like when people brag about slamming down 10 beers when, really, their body has only metabolized 4 and 6 more are 'in the queue.'


That would be closer to 8 minutes from what I've read in the past and from the first bite of food.


How long do those "Hot Dog Eating" contests usually last? You know the one where that aZn dude is champion?

I bet he feels full after.


Nathan's is 10 minutes now. Joey Chestnut is the two time defending champ, not Kobayashi.


According to wikipedia, hot dog eating contests usually last 10 to 12 minutes.

Those guys also "practice" stretching their stomachs and even contracting their abdominal muscles to force food from their stomachs to the small intestine. I tried that once while attempting the gallon challenge but still failed 53 minutes in and with approximately 3 cups left =/. Still love milk though.


It takes me 60 or 90 seconds to spoon down 800 - 1000 calories of my glop. One of the reasons I make it, but the fullness response didn't occur to me to be honest.