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Good News for British Powerlifters

For those of you who haven’t read PL Watch lately…

"Powerlifting Closer To Split From BWLA

Powerlifting is closer to a split from the BWLA after a special meeting of the BWLA Executive Board on Sunday in London. At that meeting, Arthur Hoey and Fred Sterry presented a proposal for the BWLA to relinquish its powerlifting affiliation to the EPF and IPF and sever powerlifting from the organization.

The British Weightlifting Association (BWLA) organizes weightlifting and powerlifting in the UK. The organization is primarily made up of powerlifters but is run by weightlifters and the bulk of public monies are distributed toward weightlifting. This disparity has lead to dissatisfaction and previous unsuccessful attempts to separate powerlifting from the organization.

The BWLA Executive Board has agreed to recommend the acceptance of the proposal to members at the upcoming AGM.

A new powerlifting federation, the Great Britain Powerlifting Federation, has been launched that intends to secure national affiliation with the IPF and EPF."


Just heard about this. Not heard anything definative so guess us lifters will just have to wait for any more news!

Other good news for the UK:


Definitely about time this happened! Hopefully we can keep the IPF affiliation and build a solid fed again…

[quote]daraz wrote:
Other good news for the UK:


Your not wrong. Luckly for me it’s 30mins from where I live so I shall be there!