Good News Boys, PantiesPending is Back

PantiesPending has been resurrected and allowed back into the kingdom of the misc. However, I’ll be sticking around because of the no filter and allowance to talk about AAS.

I realize you probably don’t care, just thought I’d throw that out there.

Thanks for listening

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In like Flynn

Lol eyyy it’s you again. Sup Brah. How you doing?

Jus chillin like a villain m8. Thinking about calling it a day, gotta get up at 5 tomorrow.

Did you eat paint chips as a kid?


Only the ones with lead in them, they taste the best…why is that bad?

Damn good luck with that. I don’t work, thank God. Although I may have to soon. God Speed.

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I still eat paint chips…

And drink my own urine because it’s sterile and I like the taste…

On a side note I love how mod_pheonix capitalizes all my titles and makes me look professional as fuck

How do you not work and afford steroids?

I have zero bills, i live in one of my parents rental homes, I typically drive my motorcycle instead of my car to save gas and I have other sources of income.

Edit: I graduated college with two BS’s. I’ll get a job when there is one available I like.

- he said, drug-dealerly.


Lel, your words not mine. Drugs are bad McKay.

Besides steroids are cheap I pay 50 a vial for sus, 40 if it’s something like enanthate

Wrong site, this is not

Fully aware. I’ll frequent both it’s not like I have a job or responsibilities. Srs



Urine is only sterile up until the point you pee it out, because your dick isn’t sterile. So unless you are using a catheter…

Not sure where you’re sticking your dick, but speak for yourself you harlot


That’s precisely what I was thinking, I dip my dink In bleach every morning. The sting is sublime.