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Good Music for Cardio


Just wondering what you guys listen to when you run or do cardio..

Looking forward to recommendations too as I've been recycling the same music over and over for years.


Whatever music you like..


anything sepultura released BEFORE Roots


I listen to Mike and Mike in the morning podcast. If I have music, I end up matching my pace with the beat. If I listen to something that makes me think, I go at a steady pace and time passes faster.


Are you running or sprinting? I can't help you for running, but I got lots of metal for you if you're sprinting :slight_smile:


Do tell if you know of something new!



Question....anyone have a really long club mix? One with good transitions and bass..any genre


Yall oughta give this shit a try.

Here's some metal for you tveddy.
Everything by this band is fantastic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zvqw6d_KS8Q

Some Ensiferum in case you haven't heard of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfrYkpa3770

You probably know all the others I listen to. :slight_smile:


How long a mix are you talking, count? 8 minutes? 2 hours?


Do you have a smartphone? If so, just use Pandora Radio.

Lately I've been reading an e-book on my kindle app on my phone when I do cardio, with some light music to drown out everyone.


The longer the better, really. If I can get lost in the music I will go for two hours. I've danced longer. Haha

Any length will do though....meaning longer than an average song.


Here's your real long one. maybe stretching it to call it a club mix but ill take any excuse to post it: http://soundcloud.com/lecastlevania/le-castle-vanias-bulletproof2

And check these out:


the dubstep

*drum and bass too, i like to imagine im in need for speed and am driving away from the cops when i listen to it on the treadmill


Thanks for that link man. Its godly.

you have anything harder than that?


"darkcore" and industrial terror is good stuff.


I lean more towards aggrotech but that's some good shit you posted. Maybe some of these bands are new to you.

And there's always this:


Rocky IV soundtrack.... Some things never get old :slight_smile:



Rock and metal is good. But for steady state cardio, I prefer ambient, industrial, dance or trance. Anything that helps you build rhythm.

Rock and especially metal's great for HIIT.


Heyy good one!


Hook me up with some metal for the sprinting...


I think the roots album is pretty good. So is arise. But the old stuff is the old stuff I guess... that's when they were rising to the top.