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Good Multi Vit with High B Complex

I am looking for a decent multi vitamin with a high percentage of RDA B complex, similar to the berocca formula.

I currently take a berocca a day and want something similar in pill form, better and more cost effective, can anyone recommend a good one to get?

I had something similar from holland and barret a while ago called super one, but they are massive, stink, and make me feel sick straight away, probably a combo of being massive and stinking.

puritan.com/green-food-057/green-source -iron-free-multi-vitamin-minerals-006190

Is my muti, absolute crap ton of B vitamins. It actually changes the color of my urine like bright Gatorade yellow (which is a sign that you have excess B vitamins)

So id highly recommend it.

It has a LITTLE bit of a stink/after taste but theyre not massive at all, and thats because of all the “green source” stuff in it.

Why not just get a separate b-complex? They aren’t very expensive.