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Good MRP (high carb-high protein-but low sugars)

Hey everybody, wondering if anybody has some good recommendations for a MRP. Im looking for something with high complex carbs (little to no sugars), high protein (preferably a blend), and no fat. When I say “high” carbs I mean 100+ grams. I used these to hit my caloric intake for the day. Thx for the recommendations.

I don’t think that exists. Your best best is to use a good casein/whey blend and eat it with oatmeal. Actually, maltodextrin is technically a complex carb, but most don’t think of it that way. Try a few oatmeal shakes made with Low Carb Grow. Good stuff. There’s a recipe for it in the “Shake It Up” article at T-mag’s main page.

I currently use Sports One Solid Mass, 1 g fat, 122 g carbs (33 g sugar though), and 40 g of protein from egg white and whey.

Unfortunately, you’re asking for something that really isn’t optimal. Even if all of the carbs came from a low GI source like oatmeal, when you grind it into powder the GI shoots up.

As TEK suggested, your best bet would be to use a low carb powder, and then get the carbs from a good clean source. Add a few scoops of powder to your oatmeal; or have a shake and then eat an apple. Be inventive and you'll see good results.

Hope this helps.

I know you mentioned no fat, but if the main purpose is for dietary calories, why not have a protein shake with flax oil, use whey, flax and cottage cheese… you can even throw some peanut butter in… just a thought.