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Good Movies Out Now

Already saw American Sniper. Was mildly disappointed. I’m thinking Selma, Whiplash, or Wedding Ringer tonight. Any suggestions?

I heard the Imitation Game was good.

The Loft and Project Almanac seem like some real winners…

Whiplash is a fantastic movie. J.K. Simmons richly deserves the nomination he received for Best Supporting Actor, as does the film for its Best Picture nom. Simmons’ performance, as the close-to-psycho music teacher, is a revelation. I’m hoping that this film’s story turns out to be one of those “little pictures that could…” moments.

Birdman is a blackly funny film, one that I just enjoyed the hell out of. Definitely worth seeing. Michael Keaton is outstanding.

I just realized that I’m a day late with my recommendations. What did you end up seeing? Was it any good?