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Good Movie

It’s an old film Dec. 31 1969. It makes Kill Bill a whimpy movie. This a a must see when Mirimax re realses it out in theaters supposedly this summer. You can probably get this on DVD also if it does get released this summer. I got it at Entertainment Outlet in NYC. A must movie for Samurai sword fighting fans.

(Moderator’s Note: The title didn’t come through so I had to guess at one.)

By the way the movie’s name is ZATOICHI.

I’ve seen over 20 ZATOICHI films. There are at least 27. They range from good to great, if not repetitive.

Now are you talking about the new one by Takeshi Kitano? In that one ZATOICHI has bleached hair and has his eyes closed most the time.

Or the Shintaro Katsu older ones. He has a shaved head and shows only the whites of his eyes.

The new one directed by: Takeshi Kitano is unreal the bleach white hair and he has his eyes closed at all times…