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Good Movie Editing Program?

Hey guys I was curious as to whether anyone knew of any good movie editing programs? Price isn’t an issue, also any personal experiences with any of them would be great!


Sony Vegas


I’ve used Adobe Premiere Elements and plain Windows Movie Maker. Adobe Premiere Elements really f’ed up the audio track. I like the interface, it was pretty easy to figure out, and I’m sure there are some more advanced things you can do w/ it. I played around w/ Premiere too, but my computer couldn’t handle it.

Windows movie maker always crashes unless I pre-convert the files to .wmv. Otherwise, it works fine. I

I’ve only used it for form checks and to put together training clips, so nothing really presentable/professional, but Windows Movie Maker got the job done w/o a big headache for free.

FinalCut is outstanding and I’m pretty sure they have a cheaper/limited consumer version. AVID can be sort of miserable for a beginner. I hear the new iMovie is user friendly for really basic editing. A LOT of amateur editors seem to like Sony Vegas. I am more used to the ‘professional grade’ editing software so the Vegas interface bothers me on account of certain features but it’s definitely a capable program. A better question is, what are you trying to edit?

Sony Vegas for PC. Final Cut Pro for Mac.

If price isnt an issue I strongly recommend Adobe Premiere , and After Effects. Ive worked with them before, its a lil hard to master but once u get used to the tools you will love it.