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Good Mornings?

Are they worth it? how much lifting experiance should you have before attempting these? Ive been Looking at CW Mesocycle for strength but have never done these.

I like them. They aren’t really an exercise just for advanced lifters, and they aren’t that difficult to learn how to do. I usually take a wide-ish stance, make sure my knees aren’t locked, my back is neutral, and then keep pushing my hips back until I am bent over. Basically the same position as the Romanian deadlift (there is a recent article on that; look it up if you want a refresher).

I like the variation where you cradle the bar in the crook of your elbow. I believe it’s called the Zercher variation. Feels a little safer to me.

Yup, what Mike said. Additionally, I would suggest getting the form down with an empty bar before progressing to heavier weight. Pushing your butt back with the spine neutral until you feel the stretch in the hamstrings is the key to good form.

I often use a squat/good morning complex (SquatMornings?) with light weight to warm up on legs days.

Good Mornings aren’t just for breakfast anymore!

I love them. They’re a great addition to a posterior chain day. Your ass will feel like it was beaten with a bat the next day.

Actually–I think GMs are a great exercise specifically for beginners. Couple them with Front Squats and you will learn to Back Squat properly. i.e. Before doing these 2 exercises think I leaned forward WAY too much when doing back squats.

Teaches you to really drop back on the heels and get the ass as far back as possible–overload those hammies
Kudos to Pavel for recommending this exercise pairing