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Good Mornings?

Well I was doing good mornings yesterday after I did my dead lifts. I didnt go very heavy at all but when I got done I felt some numbness in my left arm. Has anyone had this happen to them before or no what the hell is up with me?

My best guess is a pinch nerve somewhere in your back. Numbess is usually a result of a nerve impengement or sometimes excessive fatigue. Since you were doing good mornings which doesn’t put much strain on your arm, it is probally in your back.

Is there any pain, tingling or loss of sensation or strength?

How long after your workout did you feel this? Did it last?
Does anything else hurt/feel weird?
Any deformities, abnormalities in your arm or back?

These questions will help narrow it down.
Try dropping a line to Dr. Ryan, he’ll know much more on this. As always, internet advice cannot replace a physicians care. If symptoms persist for more than a week or two, get checked out.

Well it started right after I got done doing the good mornings. But there really wasnt any pain it was just like I fell assleep on my arm. I was even able to go on and continue my bench workout with no set backs at all.

you did deads and then good mornings? I think my whole body would go numb!!!

I’v had this happen to me before as well. all I did to fix it was widen my grip on the bar for the good-mornings. I find if they are to close to my shoulders they start to go numb. Its just either a nerve or to much restriction.