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Good Mornings

I tried them for the first time yesterday and they felt weird as hell. Yeah yeah I know they only felt weird becuase it was my first time, but seriously I felt unstable and the bar was sliding off my back. Any tips out there? thanks

Weird, I just did goodmornings for the first time yesterday. Boy I’m feeling it today. I can’t say I noticed anything like what you’re mentioning. I put rested the bar on my shoulders in the same spot as if I was going to squat. Maybe try less weight until it’s comfortable.

As you bend at the waist, pull the bar into your neck/traps, where it is resting. It should allow you a feeling of stability. The bar will be secure on your back and not feel like it’s slipping off/down. Hope this helps.

As John mentioned, pull the bar into your traps and grip the bar very hard. Also, as you bend forward, stick your butt back as far as possible. This should help.

I hold the bar low, on top of my posterior delts, as opposed to high on my traps. This is the same bar position you would use for a powerlifting squat.

Wicked exercise!
Stand with a bar on the shoulders (narrow grip to hold in place) and your knees only slightly bent. Flex forward at the waist until your head is near your knee (ideally) using a rounded back technique. If you choose to go with a flat back position, you will not be able to go as low. Then stand back up again. Don’t allow the knee angle to change during the lift. It sounds like you may want to start with the “flat back” style to get your positioning and form down. No go create some “microtrauma” to those hamstring fibers!

Way back when you posted instructions for deadlifts that I printed out and use for other people (thank you!). Maybe you could do the same here?