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Good Mornings: Sets and Reps for Lower Back Strength?

Hi Paul, quick one here. What sets and reps would be best on good mornings to bring up a weak lower back? Thanks!

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How do you know your low back is the weak link?

Well, when I get fatigued during squats and deadlift there’s times when it feels like if I continue I’ll pull a muscle in my lower back. Like I feel it start to tweak. I’ve really been working on proper form and everything feels good otherwise so I don’t THINK it’s bad technique, but I of course could be wrong. On top of that my lower back just feels the most tired after a session especially heavy deadlift so I assumed weak lower back.
Could it be something higher or lower on the chain causing this?

It sounds like your technique is probably a bit off honestly, but I can’t say without seeing it.

The honest truth is, I rarely see guys using proper technique. I spent a lot of years traveling and teaching the big three and it was RARE for me to see someone deadlifting and squatting properly. Most people have pretty poor mechanics.

You’d need to set your camera at an angle from the rear and a bit to the side so you could view if you’re keeping neutral spine and stacking the spine correctly. But you also need to know what that looks like, and what the other joints are doing in conjunction that could be an issue as well.

Yea I guess we all think we’re spot on but in actuality we’re way off. I’ll definitely get some video of myself and see what needs to be dialed in. Thanks Paul!

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