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Good Mornings Ratio

What sort of ratio do people find exists between their squats and their good mornings (flat back)?

At the moment mine is running at about 60% of my squat, just wondering if the bigger boys have higher rations?


OK, simple answer to that question then!

60% sounds in the ballpark, but as Goldberg says, everyone is different.

Well my GM’s about 45% of my max squat. But I have only really started training this movement so it should increase this ratio quite alot, even though my squat should go up.

72% for wide stance, arched GM’s. Change the GM, change the %.


Med stance GM = 77% of my raw squat max.

1RM squat 320
3RM GM flat back to parallel 240

Somewhere on Elitefitness or westsidebarbell, Louie Simmons talks about these ratios and what to expect.
Can’t find the article just now…

Sully26 knows about this. I’ll see if you can PM or get him to check out this thread He told me before Simmons says something about this.


the main reason i wanted to know was that the flat back GM’s just felt weak when i did them the otherday (110kg) and was trying to compare to others to make sure that the ratio wasn’t a glaring weak point.

my lower back and hamies are still sore from the workout and lots of green bamd GM’s are helping me through the stiffness!

I’ll try and get a look at the article later.

Cheers STU

Goldbergs right.Depending on the length of your torso the leverages on g.m,s will be diffrent for diffrent size people.