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good mornings: leg or back day

I’m struggling with where to incorporate this movement based on my workout split (shown below). This is what I’ve been doing lately where I’ve actually gained approx. 20 lbs of muscle in the last 3 months leveraging mag-10 cycles and eating (5,000 cals/day) and training like an animal. I mix exercises, sets, reps, and tempos to keep muscles guessing. I do back squats and romanian deadlifts on legs day and deadlifts on back day and it has worked out quite well. I just don’t know if I should put good mornings on back day and replace deadlifts every so often or put good morning on leg day which would follow back squats. Any opinions/input would be appreciated.

Day 1 - Legs
1st staple exercise: back squat
2nd thru 4th “take your choice” exercises: lunges, hack squat, leg press, stiff-legged deadlifts, glute-ham raise, leg extension, etc.

Day 2 - Chest & Tris
dumbell bench press
barbell incline press
close-grip bench press

Day 3 - Rest

Day 4 - Back & Bis
1st staple exercise: traditional deadlift
pull ups w/weight attached
bent-over barbell rows
sternum chinups
hammer grip chinups
note: change b/n chinups and some direct bicep work every so often

Day 5 - Shoulders & Ancillary Work (i.e. traps, rotator cuff, etc.)

  • no exercise detail necessary for this post

you should have two leg days. One with deadlifts and one with squats. throw the gm’s in with you deads.

Legs. If you break up leg workouts into 2 seperate workouts then put it with hamstrings.

But I don’t have 2 leg days. I do deadlifts on back day cuz it seems to fry my lower back more the any other body part. Should I completely rearrange my splits to accomodate good mornings? I’m siding with putting good mornings on leg day and keeping deadlifts on back day; any other thoughts would be appreciated.

Doesn’t anyone else have opinions on this?

Leg day. Put deadlifts on leg day, if you want to do them. If you’re trying to manage squats and deadlifts in the same phase full bore, then alternate them every leg workout.

Two leg days are better though.

Whenever you work your lower back and hams, do gm’s. If you only have one day to do legs then skip the gm’s and stick with squats and deads. You may over train if your doing that much load.