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Good Mornings and Hamstrings


i did these on friday for max set of 5 reps, i started of light and i could feel it in my hamstrings but when i got to the heavier sets, i couldn't feel anything in my hamstrings. i spent about 45mins doing singles @ 60%RM just to get the form right. i'm sure i was doing it right cos i kept taking videos of me doing the exercise and it looked good (butt out first + look up + legs straight+ back flat) so is it ok to not feel it working in my hamstrings in the heavier sets?


I don't ever really feel muscles "working" on heavy sets of squats, deadlifts or GM's..




just feels like my entire body is going to explode.


If I feel anything working it's my butt.


you are probably using other muscles more, such as your glutes/lower back. And I don't know about others in this thread, but when I do heavy squats/deads, i feel my specific muscles working for sure! But it does become harder to isolate hamstrings when going heavy, at least for me.


Maybe on the heavier sets you are not going all the way down into a deep hamstring stretch like you are on the lighter sets?


All you should be feeling is the pressure in your core from getting tight and holding your air.

You should focus on driving your ass back, holding your arch, and thrusting your hips forward.

If you 'feel' those things that's really all you need to worry about.

And I agree with what was said about not feeling individual muscle groups on heavy barbell lifts. These are the definition of integration...you cannot lift well if you don't integrate as many muscles into the lift as possible, so I don't see much use in trying to isolate anything with a bar on your back.


i usually don't feel my hamstrings working during a GM workout. its the next day that i know i did them right.


The only thing I feel is the stretch of the hamstrings during the exercise. That, and the soreness the next day...


no i did, at times even deeper i didn't lose control just wanted to get the right height. plus i vid myself too. maybe my butt didn't stick out enough at times but everything else seemed ok.