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Good morning tnation


yea its actually 9.30pm uk but i mean good morning the exercise....

would you guys count it as a back day exercise or leg? given that it hits both lower back and hammys?

have heard guys on here say they got bad ass back thickness from gm's.

current setup

back day


chin up

bb row supersetted with lat pulldown with wide grip

leg day


leg press

leg extension supersetted with ham curls

sometimes hack squat finish.

mix up the rep ranges weekly but always focus on strength progression :slightly_smiling:


Do you want them for back thickness or for your hamstrings? That's where you should put em


well i was kinda hoping to get some opinions as to whether people considered it a back OR ham exercise as i'm unfamiliar with gm's.

thanks for pointing out the obvious though, your momma must be real proud of you champ :slight_smile:


Why don't YOU do them and figure out what they hit best on YOURSELF..

and I'd say they are more of a lower back/hamstring movement.. and I don't think I've ever heard of a lower back day in BB.. so hamstrings..


If I were you I would put them on your leg day since it looks like its lacking in hamstring work. Your back day looks fine as it is.

I do them as a hamstring movement myself.

Really bro, that leg day doesnt sit right with me. You could re set it by doing your squats and leg press followed by a more hamstring targeted attacked with rdls and gornings.

Pre exhaust the suats and leg press with extensions

then do ham curls before the rdls and good mornings


Depends on how you do them. Closer stance = hamstring emphasis while wider stance = lower back/glute emphasis


She is :slight_smile: thought you wanted to know where to put them. They hit my hamstrings and glutes more than they do my back so I consider them a glute/hamstring exercise. You see, I make my momma proud


hey someone with a sense of humour! knew as i wrote it someoone was going to take it the wrong way :wink: goldstar for myself(1992) lol

i guess my main concern was recovery with lower back but i will try light gms at the end of leg day with a closer stance.

thanks guys, advice is much appreiciated :slightly_smiling:


Def. put it on leg day. the body is in a position that looks and acts similar to a romanian deadlift but with the weight in a different spot. when i do GMs i focus on really stretching the hammies in the same way i do when i do an RDL.