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Good Morning Max Versus Squat Max

About how much weight can you put up doing good mornings compared to squats? Is there a sort of “norm” for this comparison?

My 3RM squat is 275 but the most i’ve ever done on a GM is 155 (for 6 reps). Is this pretty normal? … Or is it a sign of a weak lower back?

If you don’t mind posting it, i’d be interested in how much weight you all are doing with GM’s compared to your squat maxes.


A good rule of thumb is for your GM 1RM to be at least 60% of your squat max.

this is interesting because I was wondering the same thing… I just maxed my Goodmorning at 215 and my squat at 365.

Thats 59% for me… so that number could be the norm.

I believe Bill Starr came up with the 60% figure. I’ve heard this number before so it’s probably a decent rule of thumb.

BTW if you squat westside style your GM should be AT LEAST 60% of your squat. Otherwise you may kill yourself, I found this out the hard way.

if you oly squat i wouldn’t consider gms as an adjunct to squat but as an entirely different lift. pl squat is a different thing tho…