Good Morning Form

I am wondering about form on good mornings. It seems that when I do them, the bar “rolls forward” which is distinctly unpleasant on the neck. I’m sure this means I am doing something wrong form wise, and I’m curious if anyone might have any ideas of particulars…

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to a little video demo

Thanks for the link! Looks like I was a) not keeping my neck “arched” (ie, i was looking at the floor) and b) I was going down too far (below paralell) - result is bar rolling forward.

I’ll fix that for my lift today and see how I do.

You could also try them zercher style.

Try to keep the bar as low as possible on the traps (on top of the rear delts). This along with staying above parallel will do the trick. Always remember as Joe DeFranco says… “bull your neck back”. That means you want to keep your head cranked back into the traps. And like you said, arching the back will help.