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Good Morning Form--Westside

I was reviewing my Westide tapes and noticed that the form the lifters were using was one that was far above parallel. The weights that they are using, 70% of 1 RM squat max, are tremendously heavy. There is no way they can be going to parallel with that kind of weight. Are there various forms of Good Mornings?

You saw the arch-backed GMs. There’s also flat back, round back, with 3 different foot stances. The rounder you go, the lower you can go. Round back GMs should go just below parallel.

I don’t get the point of using any form besides arch back good mornings. Arch back good mornings are the best they hit the hams best and they really help the arch strength for squats. If I am missing something set me straight , but I think I am right.

On the westside tapes I’ve seen some of the form leaves a lot to be desired. Things, such as lifters bouncing off the box on box squats etc. The good morning version you are referring to is probably arched back good mornings but even so I think you’d get more out of the movement if you go a little deeper than you see on the video. At least go until you start to lose your arch or you feel a slight stretch in your hams and glutes.

Amen!! Keep the arch. I really like this exercise but for me range of motion is not dictated by weight or form it is ham flexibility. I try and bend as far as I can and pause at the bottom for a second. Over all I like a 312 or a 412 tempo.

on the seminar tape, Tate said they only relatively rarely use arch back GMs-- they mostly use flat back GMs to near parralel.