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Good Morning, Dr. Silberman. How's the Knee?



The time has finally come for me to start a new log...

A log filled with promise and hope. A log filled with integrity.

Though that last part isn't a promise.


Jenn is thy name.
Today's weight: 136.4
Height: 5'0
Training: I try to implement as many Thibabedbeudueu principals as I can, as he is my idol.
Goals: To awesome-ize myself. I dream of being super strong and not fat AT THE SAME TIME BRO'S!
Oh, occupation since people seem to add this to their intro's: I am the manager of a store that sells nerdy shit. I am surrounded by the Triforce and Batman symbol's all day so not too much to complain about really.

I'ma mom to a 6.5 year-old dude. That means in about 10 years I'll finally have a reliable person to spot me on the bench press :D.

WELL anyway, that's enough boring rambly shit to get this log started so I'll TTYL.!



K today's, LOL:

96 x 6
105 x 3
115 x 3
120 x 3

115 x 6 sets of 3

First/last paused

Close grip bench
85 x 6
95 x 6
95 x 6

Incline DB PRESS
3 x 15

Chin ups
6, 5, 4

lat pull down
70lb pin
3 x 12

seated row cable with a different handle thinger
x 8 + 8 partials
x 8 + 8 partials
x 8 + 8 partials

ropey cable abs ramped
x 15 + 15 partials
x 15 + 15 parials
x 15 + 15 partials

plate side bends
3 x 8*side

DB curls SS tricep overhead DB thing
x 6*arm/12

plate curls extended set
x 10 + 10

Really awesome workout today. I had this really awesome arm veiny thing going on during curls and I felt like a somewhat attractive version of the hulk, HAHA.

ALLLL RIGHHTYYY I better go film my kid playing minecraft ONCE AGAIN. Gotta keep his "fans" happy I suppose.

Have a great Sunday ya'll!



The saga continues!


Yay for the new training log!


Good decision on the new title! I'm sure you spent many nights thinking about it.




I'm going to miss seeing There's a Storm Coming, Mr. Wayne on the thingy thing.

But yayyy new log.




Thank you for the warm welcome bro-sef's!

And yes, I did stress quite a bit over the log title decision, but I am very happy with what I chose.

Squat layer day

95 x 6
115 x 6
135 x 3
145 x 1
155 x 1
165 x 1

3 Clusters
145 x 6 singles
145 x 6 singles
145 x 6 singles

120 x 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
120 x 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
120 x 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

leg spreader rest pause

seated leg curl super slow contraction
4 x 6
normal extended
x 10 + 7

ass machine
3 x 8 + XXtra on weak cheek

leg ext. double contraction
2 x 6

then some single leg leg ext. with focus on my stupid weak leg


Got my Ipad!!!!!! It's really the coolest thing I've ever owned. I feel like tony stark with all this touch screen mish mash. AND SURI!
I am like
Suri, who is Anthony kiedis?

Thinking she'd obviously respond with
"Anthony Kiedis is Jenn N's lover"

But she didn't hear me clearly enough so it just came out with who is some gibberish name, heh.





LOL at the exercise names!

Leg spreader, ass machine

You need to smack Suri, teach her who's boss!


cool title... judgement day


Why thank ya newcomer! Log titles are very important to me :smiley:


Ello there mates!

Strict military press
65 x 6
70 x 6
75 x 6
80 x 6

70 x 4 sets of 6

shoulder circuit
lat raise/rear delt fly/front raise


facepulls paused at peak
3 x 15

tricep ropey pushdown SS ropey bicep curl double contraction


non-double contracty extended

ab circuit
4 diff. exercises x's 15 reps x's 3 rounds


I really prefer the gym atmosphere at 6am as apposed to 8am.

Instead of a gym filled with really brightly colored tank tops and everyone doing all these bouncy ass circuit type things, it's a gym filled with smelly dudes wearing dirty t-shirts. I feel like I'm in a men's locker room.
I'm the only girl, and no one's in my way...

I also feel somewhat attracted to this bald dude who's there are that time. I don't even know why, he burps and swears and talks about his previous sexual encounters or ones he hopes to have in the future in an extremely disrespectful manner.
Well, that's clearly why I'm attracted to him.

Apparently Sally from the office is someone who he'd like to experiment with because she seems crazy, but he's also cautious because she seems like the type who would stalk you and kill your cat once she finds out you're not in love with her.

Oh, Sally...

Anyway, yes..

That's enough chitter chatter for now!






Perhaps a business idea? For example, I may start a new log. And I will need a title.

Always fun to catch up here.


SO WEIRD!! The other day I was straightening my hair and I thought "hmm, kpsnap should title her log "that's a snap!" like "that's a rap". I don't even know why I thought that, haha.

I DO have a life outside of this site, maybe...


K I have good news, and bad news, and bad news, and boring news...

Good news: I found a fan mail address where you can send Anthony Kiedis fan mail and they will mail you back an autographed photo!!!!!


This is so exciting!! IT will be my most prized possession.
I start off my letter with
Dear Anthony,
I am but a lonely t-shirt folder at a store that sells super hero stuff....

It only gets better from there!
My mom is going to pick me out some fancy stationary.

Bad news: I got a call from visa saying there was suspicious activity on my BRAND NEW GOLD CARD.... I was like WHAT THE FUCK SOME PUNK ASS MUTHA F*$(#(%#)(! ALmost 200 bucks on an online music and gaming store!!
So my card got cancelled and they are sending me a new one.
It turned out to be my kid buying potions in zombie café through my Ipad, LOLllllllll
he bought 2000 potions for 99 bucks

After he had already bought a bunch of potions..
But that was the big one. At least his zombies are super strong with all those fucking potions they've been drinking.. BUT I wont have a credit card for like 2 weeks WHICH MEANS
Now I feel so guilty for watching 4 in one night.

Bad news:
My doggie went to the vet and he's apparently all old and shit. Which I knew, but have been in total denial about. He's got artheritis (can't spell) arth err it is, and something is wonky with his hind leg. And he's carrying too much weight and it's not good for his spine or something.

The bottom line is, I have to finally admit to myself that my baby wont live forever, and that's really scary for me cause I always have nightmares about him dying and when I wake up he's still here, but one day he wont be and that just really kills me inside.
Anyway, I look him in the eyes and tell him I love him every single day, cause that's all I can do really.

Boring news: 30 min fasted AM walk





Hey Jenn...

When are you going to export the puck bunnies south?

Give your boy a hug. You'll feel better.

And your dog.

Walks may be boring but always look at the goal.


AWWWWWWWWWWWWW, I don't usually read stuff that's longer than two sentences, but that was sweet.