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Good Morning! Can Ya Help Me out?

My frame is like this:
32yo male
141 lbs
I’m taking Creatine and mega whey protein. (GNC)
Gained 11 lbs after starting to lift weights.

I just picked up on this lifting thing out of boredom, and in the 2 months that I have been lifting weights it has improved just about every aspect of my life, but I have a few questions that need answered.

1.Anyone have a simple workout plan for someone like me? I’m feeling a little unorganized in my workouts.

2.Creatine, good or bad the shat works!!! Anything wrong with using generic GNC stuff? It’s hella cheaper, and you get a lot more. Any recommendations?

3.I run a bit as well. I have noticed after a good work out, when I follow up with a run, that “pumped” effect from lifting is gone. Like I didn’t lift at all. I suppose this is from vasodilation or something…but is this effecting any returns from lifting?

  1. What exactly is my ideal practical weight? I’m not looking to be huge or anything just fit.

I know I’m tossing a lot of questions out there, forgive me for rambling, and thank you for your time.

[quote]Retroactive wrote:

1.Anyone have a simple workout plan for someone like me? I’m feeling a little unorganized in my workouts.

Most of the workouts on this site are quite simple to follow. I’ve heard lots of good stuff about west side for skinny bastards, though I’ve not tried it.

Use any creatine. It’s (from what I can tell) all the same. Use the powdered kind as it’s cheaper.

It could be. You might try a high intensity running plan (run 400s for example). Also try running on “off” days.

Only you can answer that. I mean, I could throw out “162.35 lbs”, but how can I tell you what your ideal weight is?

1 well go to the article library and pick one man all of them are good. You mgith look into Big Boy Basics or the Dog school as you are just starting out.

Creatine. Yes use it. The chea=per the better. Dont fall for the GNC crap that is loaded with Sugar get the stuff that is JUST creatine Monohydrate CHEAP!!!

Running. I would split the two. But it really dependf on your goals.If you are looking for pure size you will want to limit it. But you said fit I would say split it up by days one day weights one runnign. or atlest AM/PM.

Ideal weight. Well I dont know can you tell me my ideal weight. That really is a personal thing. Like asking me who you should marry when I just met you. You need to figure out what you want.

I think that covers it.

Hope it helped.

Oh and Look at the Beginners Thread that Vroom started It will help you a LOT.


You fellas are great! Thanks!
I thought creatine NEEDED the glucose as a transport? Or else you get sick…

[quote]Retroactive wrote:
You fellas are great! Thanks!
I thought creatine NEEDED the glucose as a transport? Or else you get sick…[/quote]

I usually mix it in with my shakes. I did try drinking it straight recently, and I did get an upset stomach. So there you go.

The reason that I advocate buying it in plain powder is that it is way cheaper. Then if you just make sure to take it with food, everything is fine. I mean, how much do you want to pay for the simple sugar they’re putting in your creatine?

Cy recently wrote about this and found something along the lines of the most important thing about the creatine is getting it to dissolve in a hot liquid and that actaually sodium (salt) may aid the transport.

I take mine on lifting days with my sureg and non lifting days first off in coffe or tea.

Hope that helps,


The previous posters are right on the money. The only thing I have to add is advice I’ve gotten from numerous authors from this site. Train your strength first until it is where you want it, and don’t worry about any intense running until you hit your squat and deadlift goals. Once you do hit the strength goals, ramp up the running. The reason is the running will greatly detract from the strength goals, in fact it can change your body’s potential for strength.

As for routines to follow, I advise that you pick an author and stick with them a while. Their routines are often complimentary to each other and you’ll get to understand them more each workout, which leads to accelerated learning for the long haul.


Again …Thank you very much for the time and insight.

Any thoughts on taurine? Seems like many supplements use it. Should I be concerned about any cardio complications or is it as harmless as caffeine…(in moderation obviously)

Bp 136/60’s resting hr 70’s