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Good MMA Place in Denver, CO

hey everyone i am looking for a good mma school in denver or westminster co. anything really preferably bjj or muy thai even just a good boxing place


Colorado BJJ is really good, as is High Altitude Martial Arts. Zingano BJJ is located in Westminster but I don’t know anyone that trains there. Hope that helps some.

BJJ Boulder is a great school I hear. Of course it would require a commute but it may be worth it once or twice a week. The instructor was the 7th person in the world to receive a black belt from Renzo Gracie.

that gives me some places to check out guys thanks a lot

My experience with BJJ boulder, now Easton BJJ, was not great. Nothing wrong with the instruction in particular, just the vibe that they only wanted my money the entire time I was there.

Ive never trained at Zingano but my best friend does and he loves it. Their facitilites are by far the best I’ve seen in the area and my boys game has gotten MUCH stronger since he started going there.

Im pretty sure Zingano and Colorado BJJ are affiliated somehow, they use each others instructors now and then if i’m not mistaken

Also there used to be a place called Grapplers Edge in Denver, never been there but I heard from a buddy it was a good place.