Good Milk and Egg Protein

Anyone know any good milk and egg protein powders? I used to buy Hardbody from MLO and I made great gains with it…

Why do you insist on a milk and egg protein powder?

I think there’s enough evidence to support milk and whey as being the best choice for strength athletes (casein being slow digesting and the best choice for muscle gains and whey being fast digesting).

BTW, I think there’s a company called Biotest around somewhere who make something called Grow! that’s a nice casein and whey protein…

I do not understand why you pompous asses won’t just help a man out!!!

This brother wants some good egg protein mr high and mighty turbot!!!

My man…there is a company named egg whites international whose sole purpose in life is 100% bio available, all natural egg whites containing a whopping 26 g’s of protein with only 2g’s carbs per cup.

just do a google on:
egg whites international


[quote]fjimmy wrote:
I do not understand why you pompous asses won’t just help a man out!!!


It’s probably because he was trying to get at the root of the question to be really helpful.

If you read between the lines, you can often answer a bigger, more important question that wasn’t even being asked.

For many years Milk and Egg was the gold standard or proteins. Whey has been proven to be BETTER, but that doesn’t make M&E protein bad. There is also nothing wrong with getting protein from varying sources. Stop shilling for Biotest, it makes the company look bad.
Yes, we all know about Grow!, it tastes great. And we know about Surge, again tastes great…Biotest is great but I think there are many T-Men who use other supps. in addition to their Biotest goodies.

Hey Guys,

Coach Morris & fjimmy I really don’t think Turbot33 & Chris King were trying to be Biotest nutriders. They were just letting husker29 know that there is a better alternative. It’s kind of like that commercial were people want to know about a good disability insurance and there’s a talking duck yelling Aflac!!! In other words, there’s a really good protein powder being sold on this here website, right under our noses.

If the question would have been: Do any of you guys know of a good creatine,vitamin, or antioxidant(any supp. that Biotest doesn’t carry)? Then responses might have been different.

If husker29 tried some Grow and didn’t like it, well then that’s a whole different story. Okay enough of playing diplomat, late.

I understand, BUT, just because whey is prefered by most doesn’t mean that one should exclude all other sources of protein.

All of my protein shakes consist of 50% Grow! and 50% Milk Protein Isolate. It seems to work great for me, and is extremely cost effective. I use natural Milk Protein Isolate, and it does not hinder the flavor of Grow! at all.

Hey T-folk,

Just a little analogy: Let’s say you owned a burger joint and customers just love your burgers. Then one day a potential customer in the long line is asking your customers “Hey do you know what’s a good burger over at the golden arches”? And then continues “I’m thinking of going over there, because those burgers are tasty”. I know that your loyal customers would say “Man these here are the best burgers ever and they are made with quality beef,are tastier than theirs,have no fillers and the owner never skimps on anything”. Then even after being told that, the potential customer goes to the golden arches buys and brings his food over to your restaurant and eats it in your joint!!

I absolutely agree with Coach Morris that other proteins should not be excluded. I like eating egg white omelets,steak,chicken and drinking low carb milk, etc. Maybe, I just remember in my teen years drinking the old egg & milk protein powders (yuck)!! This is just my opinion, when it comes down to protein powders Biotest makes the best hands down. If I didn’t like it they would know about it and I’d get my money back.

Nobody is going to kick you outta this joint for bringing outside food in here, but at least try the food in here before asking about food out there.

Very well said, Sancho!

People seem to forget that this site and all the great info here is free. When we buy Biotest products, we’re supporting this site so that they continue to give us the articles from all the top strength coaches and nutritionists in the business…for free!

Lexie and Sancho, WELL PUT.

Just to tack on to what you guys allready stated. Along with all the free info. they forward us some DAMN fine price reductions on TOP QUALITY supps…

You cant beat it. Free info., AWESOME supps at an even better price, and a place where we can all come together.

And we dont have to always agree with one another. This thread for example. Sure there are multiple view points. Good. A little disagreement is healthy and keeps us for stagnating.

Imagine if all the coaches and such that contribute to the site agreed on everything. OH Boy.

So lets just all agree to disagree, SOMETIMES. But we all have to ADMIT, and agree, that what T-Nation and inturn Biotest give us in information, and products really is TOP NOTCH.

Just my little rant. Not very well constructed either. It’s early and I’m tired so there. LOL

Thank You, T-Nation/Biotest

Let me just say that I am far from anti-Biotest. I use quite a few Biotest products, but I also use stuff from other companies. I do not think that just because T-mag is free ALL our supp. choices have to be Biotest. For example, I love Low Carb Grow!..but, I also but a straight Whey protein and sometimes a milk and egg. Variety is the spice of life I guess.
And, obviously we all have to go to other companies to buy multi-vits and things like Fish oil. Although, I do admit that if Biotest came out with these products, I’d likely buy it from them.

A few points:

  1. I want milk/egg because after trying many whey proteins I found out that I do not tolerate them well and my best gains came from milk/egg protein. I don’t know why but that is just how I am.

  2. I appreciate the feedback to my post. Disagreement, when done respectfully, is great and there are a lot of very good and valid but different viewpoints out there.