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Good Meal

For all you non-cooks here is a great meal, that’s easy to cook

First, Nuke (Microwave) 1 baked potato.
Second, Coat a frying pan with PAM (Turn on the Heat)
Third, Dice up the potato and toss it in the pan. Let the Potato cook for a couple of mins.
Fouth. Mix 8 egg whites and 2 eggs in a bowl and put that on top of the potato. Cover with Heat on Medium. Let cook for a few moments
Fifth, Take two spatulas and flip, finish cooking.
Sixth, Get a BIG plate and EAT.

Nutritional Count: P 36 C 63 F 2

If you need more cals add whole wheat toast and natual peanut butter ( 1 piece 1 TBSP peanut butter 11,25,18

This brings the total to 47 88 20 - 720 cals

Hope you like it!


JD - what kind of eggs do you eat that there is only 2 grams of fat in two whole eggs? All my eggs say one egg contains 6 gr Protein, 0 gr carbs and 5 gr fat totaling 70 calories each! Don’t get me wrong, I am not flaming you - just curious about your numbers. The recipe sounds great - I am gonna try it tonight after my quad workout! - Matt

Are you sure that many eggs only has 2 grams of fat?

Sorry for the error! I use egg lands best because of the added Omega 3’s. The fat content (pre peanut butter toast)should have been have been 10. Eggland best are for 2 eggs are 12,2,8. I use egg beaters egg whites, not the normal egg beaters, for the whites.

New count would be 36, 57, 10

Thanks for catching that, and I probably deserved to be flamed.