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Good ME Upper Movement?

Ive normal flat benched the last 3 weeks and today I noticed increased fatigue and know I need to switch for next week. I was wondering what everyone thought were some of the best alternatives.

Im real close to a goal Ive been wanting, so I was thinking only of changing for 1-2 weeks and then flat benching again. What would be a good back off movement for a week so that I would be fresh for when I flat bench again?

Floor Presses, Rack lock outs, Board Presses, Dumbbell presses, Over head presses, carpet presses, incline presses, to name a few.

Are close-grip bench or decline bench ever used?

Weighted dips.

Incline bench too

if you had a log that’d be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Would close-grip flat bench/ decline bench ever be used?

they can be…i’d reccomend good spotters for close grip bench.

and pin presses… set up the bar maybe 2-3inches off your chest, slide under it and do your work from there.

What’s the goal you’ve been waiting for?