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Good ME Lifts for the Raw Lifter


I know geared and raw lifters are probably going to do different ME lifts if they're doing ME lifts.

Here's what I've thought of so far.

Bench Press (Midpoint Stalling)
1-3 board press close grip and normal(3 board mostly for confidence and learning to handle heavy weight)
Band/Chain Press (forces one to accelerate hard)

Squat (about 4-6 in out of the hole do to either lack of hip/ham drive or upper back rounding)
low-normal box squats
high bar deep squats
SSB squat
bottom up squat

Deadlift (breaking from the ground to about 4in off ground)
band/chain DL
deficit deads
Zercher squats from pins

I know bands/chains are helping my bench, but I'm not so sure they will help my squat and deadlift. I've never done an ME squat w/ bands/chains. I'm also playing around with the idea of looping a band through my belt with the ends around my feet for my DE work and maybe try it for ME too.

I just want to do the stuff that'll give the most bang for my buck.


What kind of numbers are you putting up?


I'm not sure how you can leave out good mornings from that list.


190lbs (weight gain not an option atm due to gallbladder)
3.5yr lifting 1 of those PL training

squat- 345 1in below parallel box squat a couple months ago
bench- 275x2
deadlift- 405x1 from a 3-4in deficit sumo


For simplicities sake I'll use only the bench for an example...

Hook the chains up so that they load up about 2 inches under your sticking point. This way it'll teach you to blast thru the sticking point. Same with squats.

Just remember that the bands and chains will teach the muscle you have to be fast but don't neglect your rep work ok.