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Good Mass Building Diet?

Mass building nutrition regiment

    a. Multi-vitamin
    b. Whole meal+
    c. Protein shake (2 scoops) w/milk
    d. 20+ (oz) of water

  2. LUNCH
    a. Whole meal+
    b. 20+ (oz) of water
    c. snack+

    a. Amino acids (pill or powder form) 45 mins prior
    b. Multi-vitamin 45 mins prior
    c. Protein shake (1 scoop) w/ water
    i. 5 (g) of creatine monohydrate (if not on creatine drink)
    d. creatine drink
    e. 20+ oz of water

    a. Amino acids (pill or powder form)
    b. Protein shake (2 scoops) w/ milk
    i. 5 (g) of creatine monohydrate
    ii. 5 (g) of glutamine
    c. Whole meal+
    d. 40+ (oz) water
    e. snack+

    a. Protein shake (2 scoops) w/ milk
    i. 5 (g) of glutamine
    b. Bed time snack+

this is in outline format…please excuse

any suggestions, im open ears! constructive criticism is welcome-

Is it adding mass to you frame?

You dont have ANY calories listed. A good mass diet has you eating more calories than you burn off in a day.

That’s pretty much the PERFECT mass building diet for you. The only suggestion is for 3.e, instead of 20oz of water, go ahead and make it 40oz.

Make sure you dont forget points 1b, 2a, 2c, 4c, 4e and 5b. Otherwise it wont work.

I won’t be an ass like the rest of these guys.

The only issue I see with your “diet”, is that you aren’t eating often enough. I can’t comment on the quantity, as you didn’t really list anything other than “whole meal.”

You should be eating every 3 hrs minimum.

the whole point of the + symbol is to show a whole meal at minimum. i didnt want to get into specifics, but i use a weight gainer for my protein shake, and whole meals involve 2 servings. ranging from 3000+ calories a day.