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Good Magazines to Start Reading


Okay after reading the newest article on the fitness magazines, what would be a good magazine to start reading,


I like Modern Drunkard because it's usually pretty funny.

Wired is OK for tech news and etc., but Mondo2000 was a lot more fun back in the day.

Oh, you mean strength training magazines?

I think you're reading the best right now.


This one.



International Male


Buy some old strength and health mags from the early sixties. At least the training routines and advice in this old stalworth mag make sense compared to the shit in todays mags.


Reason Magazine.
I think most on here would enjoy it. Libertarian type reading (you know; less restrictions on performance enhancing drugs or supplements).



Cool Link. I bookmarked it.


I like mens vogue.


Playboy/Penthouse? I didn't know any other magazines existed.

Why the hell is this in the Beginners forum and not Get a Life???



Or go read a book.


Hustler when your looking for a little spice in your life...


powerlifting USA.


also MILO has some pretty good stuff, but its expensive and quarterly.