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Good luck to P-22 today

Just wanted to say good luck to p-22 in the competition today. I’m not sure if i can make it or not but you’re definetly going to clean up there man, and let everybody know how it goes.

Scare em good dude,

Yeah second that. I am sure you’ll have the competition running scared. When you turning pro then?

no doubt… get em p22

Absolutely! Good luck, Man. You’ll do great, I’m sure. I look forward to hearing the outcome of the competition. (And the eating that takes place afterwards :wink: )

Yeah, Best of luck P-22

good luck p-22…

we will be waiting for pics too, bro


P22, U B looking Gr8!!

Thanks for all your support guys - and yes I did win my class - but there ended up (by surprise) being no overall title - the details and pics are up on the photo forum - After what the judges told me I am totally stoked for training for the provincials! (i just front loaded 2000 grms of sust, last night plus 600mg of deca, 150mg of PVL primo, and 100mg of PVL masteron- I’m going to do a gram of sust a week along with 450grams of primo, and 350 grams of masteron a week. The deca is just for the joints -thats all I had left in my bottle! I am going to add 25mg of dbol a day in about 3 or 4 weeks for 3 weeks. then shut the sust down, use a shot of testiviron once a week for 3 weeks along with about a gram of primo, some halotestin for 2 weeks, then switch to tren and primo and masteron, for 2 weeks and add winstrol going into the provincials. I hope to gain a lot of quality muscle so I can alleviate some of my weeknesses!

My goal now is to see how far I can take this…