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Good Luck to Nick!

Iwant to take this post to wish nick good luck on his first six weeks towards gaining 20lbs of muscle. As a fellow newbie to this site, I think it is important that he know that there are other people out there who have similar situations to him and have already accomplished his goal. I am not nearly as busy as him, so all I can say is good luck, hopefully you will find a lot of people here who will support you cause I know I have.


I’ll second this.

Though, with your track record, it sounds like luck, motivation*, and all that are not even a component in this task.

The only thing you needed was a good coach, and I would hazard, that in the Thib, you are well taken care of.


*If “motivation” does ever become an issue for you, just remember that you are the subject of an article on a website that has, literally, millions of hits per month…

no leverage there, no siree :slight_smile:

Nick: Please drop in from time to time - schedule permitting - and let us know how you’re doing.

Don’t let us down, we’re a tough audience. :wink:


i’m a new guy on this forum. I think the whole idea is brilliant and i’m sure Nick will do well.

I’m actually physically quite same with Nick, 5 8 158 10 % maybe bit muscular :wink: I’m also thinking putting some muscle on and have just started kickboxing so i’m really intrested about the program.

So Nick please keep us posted on how you are doing so maybe i’ll try it too.

I’m not doing weights at all, oops, but i have a “gym rack” at home bolted to the ceiling which is great so i can do gymnastic kind of training. It’s hard explain what it is, but i can do very hard or lighter training with it with endless possibilities. Of course dips, rows, chins and so on.
I also use kettlebells. So i have modify the training a bit…

Now this is turning too long, gotta stop.

Good luck in your evolution Nick!

Chris, if this turns into an ongoing series, do a female next!!! There’s more of us here than you think lurking these boards looking for information and inspiration.

Go for it Nick! If you don’t get the gains you want, you can always take it out on Shugs on the mats and then we can do a series about that.

“I’m not doing weights at all, oops, but i have a “gym rack” at home bolted to the ceiling which is great so i can do gymnastic kind of training. It’s hard explain what it is, but i can do very hard or lighter training with it with endless possibilities. Of course dips, rows, chins and so on.
I also use kettlebells. So i have modify the training a bit.”

This place has really changed.


You are going to love those big compound movements in the gym. This is going to be soooo much fun for you!! Stay focused and know that we are all here for you if you need it.
We love success and want nothing but the best for you.

Eat, train hard, get your rest, grow.

Don’t be a stranger!!

(Must… resist… juvenile… urge… to… post… inappropriate… reply… to… Karen’s… post!!!)

The transformation of Nick is an interesting one. Normally, when you think “transformation”, it’s from out of condition to in condition…but in Nick’s case, he’s already in great condition. I can’t wait to see the results and to hear how the change impacts his martial arts ability.

Go for it Nick. The first few weeks will be the hardest. After that it gets easy.

Read up Nick,… luck has little to do with results.

Goldberg–I think Dienekes may be lost…

Thanks for chiming in everyone! Nick doesn’t have a computer right now but he’s going to be checking in on mine about once a week. I’ll have him look at this thread soon. We may even post more pics here on the forum.

Nick is doing great so far. He’s about a week in at this point. Funniest comment from him so far:

“Um Chris, I’m going to the bathroom, ALOT.” Yeah, that’s what happens when you EAT to grow!

He’s busting ass in the gym. I’m holding him back a little. I’ve seen way too many people burn bright then burn out. He usually leaves the gym wanting a little more, but not on squat and deadlift days!

Diet-wise, he fell short on calories, as expected, the first couple of days, but is doing much better now. The food log is teaching him more than I ever could. Damn, that’s a powerful tool for those who’ve never used one! I knew that before of course, wrote a whole article on it, but it’s fun getting into the trenches again and seeing it happen “live”.

As for this being a series using different types of people with different goals… we’ll see. That’s always been a hope of mine as I think this type of article can be very educational. But it’s a lot of work. I mean, writing the articles and taking pics is easy, but I’m also training Nick - for free - about five hours a week, not to mention the nutritional counseling etc.

But I would like to do it again, next time with a person (male or female) who needs to lose a lot of fat. I can personally only take care of one person at a time, but there’s nothing saying that another T-mag writer couldn’t do his own Project Evolution. I’d be glad to share the series.

This is what it’s all about after all - helping people reach their goals. I’m pumped about this project and hope you folks are too!

Shugs, you beat me to it. I was going to suggest that the next project be a fat-loss one. I’ll volunteer - really. I am the opposite of Nick - the idea that someone cannot eat enough to make a calorie quota is just foreign to me.

Goldberg - Kettlebells are okay if you stay off the Indo board with them. Great for GPP.

Oh, almost forgot - good luck, Nick. Don’t forget to eat.

Way to go man!! I know just how it feels right now. I used to run cross country (i.e. skinny distance runner) until a month ago and now i’m working to the same goal ur going for too (from 150 lbs. to 170 lbs. of lean mass).

Keep it up Nick, you rock!

The best of luck Nick, you lucky bastard.
Hey Chris I want to be the next T-magger to get some free training and nutrition advice in person, I’m pretty far away, but I’ll pay for the airfare and get you some juice at the local “farmacia”.

Too all those asking to be next - I have never believed in long distance training. I know many people offer “personal training” and nutrition counceling through e-mail. I can understand the diet part, but if someone is going to be a part of Project Evolution, then they have to be where I can get my foot in their ass if needed.

If I’m going to help someone “evolve” then I’m going to be there with them every day in the gym. I wanna see every rep. Besides, it’s only fair to them. We’re going to do it right, or we aren’t going to do it at all. I made that very clear to Nick and he accepted.

Project Evolution is an idea that’s been floating around in my head for years. It could even grow into something even bigger one day. I don’t want to risk doing it long distance or through e-mail. It has too much potential educational value for that.

So, long post short, unless you live close to me and can train in my nasty stinky football weightroom, then you’ll have to oversee your own evolution.

And if any other T-mag writer wants to start his own Project Evolution, I’d advise him to do the same - no BS e-mail coaching. Be there for them every session. I’m sure our contribs wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thanks for all the support! Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner. I’ve been too busy chewing, sleeping, and crapping!

Reading this has really motivated me even more! In fact, Chris and I are going to the gym right now! Special thanks to Testosterone for this opportunity!

Buenos Suerte Mr. Puente!

Ah yes, eating, sleeping and crapping. Nick, you are truly enjoying the finest life has to offer.

Welcome to the BB lifestyle.