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Good luck to all

Yes they are.

Good luck to everybody and their health.

The younger you are the more likely things are to work out, From the looks of folks on this board it seems early 30’s seems to be the line where the likelihood of success reduces. Of course that is not based on a study, just aggregation of self reported accounts of a condition that stick in my memory. The dose is right though, the PCT recommended here is 20mg of Nolvadex EOD as many seem to report less side effects from nolva as opposed to clomid. Best advise is to do it and check the results. Do labs at four weeks to be sure the pituitary gland is responding and again at 3 months. Then begin the down taper and do labs again once off and again after six months off of everything. I know its a lot of labs but it allows you to see problems if there are any.

Finasteride lowers DHT, raises total testosterone and leave SHBG unchanged according to this study. Yes there are a lot of issues for some folks who were finasteride and those effects can linger. However, the second study looked at LF/FSH esradio and cortisol and found them unchanged.

You were only on the medication for 1 month. There is no possible way you did long term damage, despite what some of the crazies say on the post finasteride syndrome forums.

Please keep something in mind. Finasteride has been used by probably around 20 million people since it was introduced for hair loss.

The largest post finasteride syndrome forum on the internet has been around for nearly 10 years and has … only 4,000 members.

Finasteride may have kicked you out of whack for a few months post discontinuation, but your body will recover likely unchanged.

To answer your question more specifically, yes, guys who take clomid for a handful of weeks usually have great results in your situation. Although if you google the half life of Clomid you’ll see its insanely long. I still dont get why anyone needs to take it more than once a week or even once every 2 weeks. Its in your system for literally weeks and weeks after your last dose. Why anyone would need to take it every day or every other day is bewildering to me.

I honestly think you could do 5-10 mg of clomid every other day for 2 weeks and be back to normal. And that’s being aggressive.