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Good Lord, This is For Real

Okay guys.

We’ve had a couple of religion vs. evolution threads pop up lately, and I’m not trying for the trifecta or anything, so don’t feel compelled to have any discussion of this, but holy crap.

Literally, holy crap:


Uh huh. That’s right. A master’s degree in science. Creationism science. I paged throough the site wondering if it was some kind of sick joke, but it looks legit. Kinda.

Check out the distance learning link. They can make me a “science teacher” over the internet. I checked their accreditation, and they claim to have been around since 1981. For the bargain price of $8500, I can have that master’s degree. Joy!

But they don’t seem accept financial aid of any kind. Awww, shucks.

No offense, my many christian friends, but this is f’n crazy shit right here. Somebody is fishing for suckers.

[quote]lothario1132 wrote:
Somebody is fishing for suckers.[/quote]

No I’m not! :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, looks like anything is available nowadays as long as there are fools willing to pay money for it

Nice find.

The part on conduct is a must read. I like how every aspect is backed up by bible verses. Working in the legal field, this one is my favourite:
Civil and Criminal Law

Students’ attitudes and behaviors are expected to conform to both the letter and spirit of all civil and criminal laws (I Peter 2:13-15).