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Good Lord Cy! Those are some big arms


I guess T-mag wasn't joking around when they said Cy is huge. I just checked Nate Dogg's website out and saw Cy Willson on there all buffed out. Hey Cy, how big were your arms in that pic? Besides looking huge, you look like a bad ass. It's always nice to know that the genius behind these articles isn't some lab coat geek. Keep up the good work Cy. If you're ever in Phoenix, Arizona we ought to work out together. I'll have to beef up first though.


Funny, I didn't think they were that impressive in this pic: http://store2.yimg.com/I/titleboxing_1648_3326864


Thanks Scott. While not trying to seem unappreciative of the compliment, I think I look like shit in that pic. As for my arm size, those were taken when I was around 220, so I think they were around 18" back then. My peak was 242 at around 8% body fat. The largest my arms have ever been was 19" but that was with an awesome pump. This just was prior to my injury in a car accident 5 weeks ago. I'm now back down to 220 as of today, so you can understand why I'd like to break the driver's neck. I'll be back to my norm in a week or two from now though. Nate has MUCH better pics of me! Damn him! He put up the worst one.....cock-blocker! :slight_smile: Seriously though, I appreciate the compliments bud. Makes a man feel tingly inside. :slight_smile: As for looking like a bad ass....well I don't know about that. I guess it depends on the definition of a "bad ass". I like to think I'm a nice guy. As for if I'm ever in Phoenix...well I missed you by a few months as I was there in July "visiting" a girl/friend of mine. :slight_smile:


Cy's probably gonna beat my ass when he sees that. That, or the joke bombed.


His arms look even better in person......Cy looks like he should weigh a lot more than he does in person....As far as being a bad ass, he's really a pretty nice guy, or maybe he's just nice to me because he wants to meet my sister-in-law....


Ill be completely honest and in no way mean any disrespect, but with all the previous talk about Cy's stellar physique, I was really dissapointed. Not to be mean at all but Cy didnt look like all that much there. But like he said, its a really bad picture.


Yes, that's a pretty weak pic of Cy. He looks much bigger than that in person. After a training session we had in Mexico, Cy and I walked down the street and he still had on his tank. Little kids and drunk Mexicans would follow him around doing most muscular poses and touching his arms. It was creepy. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the compliments guys. Jason..man get this through your head....you're huge man, trust me. I'll see you in the gym tomorrow.
Demodick....nice one. lol I'm not THAT handsome though, am I?
As for your comment Chris, that's cool. Actually you're the first person to ever say that about me that. Great for motivation!
:slight_smile: As to how your opinion is qualified....I'm confused. To be honest, I don't really care so much about what you think of me. I care more about how my peers(age) and those that I look up to(Bill, Brock, TC, Chris, JB, the entire staff) think of me. Even so, if you'd like, I'll send you a pic of me. One that I feel accurately portrays my physique. Then, you may send me yours at the age of 20. Or now if you'd like. I'll judge whether or not you're qualified to say if anyone is a puke or not.


Hey Chris(Shugart), I remember that....still exactly how much tail did that pull for me? ZERO! :frowning: I just try to convince myself it was my lack of spanish-speaking ability. I know, I'm in denial.

Oh and Jason B, forgot something. You're my bud regardless of whether or not you hook me up with your sis-in-law. Although, she would be my dream wife. She's studying to be a nurse....so she could give me IM injections...how romantic...I can see it now. We could discuss pharmacology over a candlelit dinner. Ah, that would be the life. lol
Oh and one last thing. I love the compliments guys but I'm not, nor will I ever be the largest, most muscular guy around. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to be, but it'll never happen. Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking Ronnie Coleman huge, lol. I just mean I'd like to be the best, as we all want to be. It's human nature. Now if you want HUGE, I wish I had a pic of my bud Zach. This guy was 22 and was around 285-300 pounds @ 7% body fat. I remember seeing a pic of him with Jay Cutler, and I couldn't tell who was who.


Hey Cy, Chris is right. 6'2" 240 at only 20 years old is a little weak. I mean that's only bigger than most NFL linebackers, and everybody knows there small:) LOL. Anyway Chris, I would send you a picture of my 12 inch bulbous dick to suck, but we all now that is absolutely Vern Troy size:) Man, I don't understand people these days. Chris, if you don't have anything nice to say, then keep the lip zipped and you won't get made fun of brother.


Demo, that was classic bro! Good one! Hey Cy, if you want, I can always change out your picture with one of the others. Just let me know which one you want me to post. How about the one of you next to JB? Where he is dwarfed by you? hehehehe. I've seen JB in person, and he has huge freakin' arms and a great physique. And in that one pic of the two of them, Cy almost makes JB look like a little guy. Hey, Cy is only nice to me because he wants me to hook him up with Jill! LMAO! Just pulling your chain bud! Had to do it my man! :wink:


Whats nate doggs website?


NATE!!! you are in BIG trouble. that is NOT a good picture of cy! not at ALL. hey cy, send him a better one babe, cause that one doesn't do you justice!


Cy, next time try this in Mexico. Say it to the ladies. It should rhyme if you say it right.
"Hazme un favor. Soplame los cajones, que tienen calor."


Alright guys...I have to chime in here and join in the praise of Cy. That picture (as impressive as it looks) just does NOT do Cy's physique justice. This guy is HUGE! One thing about Cy is that he practices what he preaches. I actually had the supreme privilege to lift with this guy and let me tell you, his intensity is out of this world! Also, since we're on the subject of lauding the man of the hour, I'd like to publicly thank Cy for all his suggestions on nutrition and training, all of which have added 15 pounds of muscle on me. On top of all that, Cy's the nicest guy you'll ever meet -- one of the few genuinely kind people in this world. Oh yeah, and I can also attest to the FACT that Cy is, in fact, a PIMP. You should see this guy with the ladies. It's amazing...he's like Tupac reincarnated! =)


I remember seeing this same pic of Cy in issue number 169 of the Reader's mail and truthfully I wasn't that impressed. You look a little thin for your claimed 230lbs. But like you said it might be a bad picture. I'm just wondering though why you would submit a "bad picture" to be put up in the first place?

Admittedly it takes balls to post a pic but if you can't take the criticsm then I think you have some maturing to do.

Still, you write great articles.


I'll update my web site tonight. I'll put two different photos of Cy on there so you can see. The reason I posted that photo is because it was just a normal pic of Cy. He sent me quite a few others, so I'll post some of his other ones. For those who don't know, my web site is: www.atlantic.net/~nathan/


Uuuh, yeah. Everyone here criticizing Cy's bod needs to back off. For a guy TEN TRAINING YEARS older than he is, he still looks great. And Nate, I'm working on some pics for you, bro. I'll probably have something to send early next week.


Hey Cy great work bud! I really enjoy your articles on T-Mag also...where do find the time to write, post, study ,workout and chase the ladies(I assume that falls under the active recovery category , haha)? I do have some Q's for ya though. I was wondering what your reccomendations are for a natural lifter..volume wise? I am 19 and natural and am looking to put on a good deal of mass(athough I'm not scrawy..and tend to gain fat a bit easy..so that delicious skiny bastard diet is outta the question..hafta be real tight w diet). I've been training for about 4 years...I am always looking to learn. Once again great job keep up the good work. Mike


Cy only trains with a lot of intensity when the ladies are watching....Just giving you shit, Cy! As far as practicing what he preaches I have talked with Cy about his diet and he is way to strict for me. On Nate's page it says you are looking at competing soon, Cy?? I have been thinking about it also. When are you looking at doing it? Maybe we can help motivate each other to do it?