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Good Lord, CBear!


So..Im new the this T-Nation site and it's forums, so consequently, I'm exploring the various forum sub-categories and I see one that catches my eye called "Powerful Women" and being the perv that I am, I was instantly interested.

I see a thread entitled "My Other Left" and I see that it's starter is someone named CBear so out of curiosity, I click on the name, then click where it says photos and then....well...lets just say no one better ask me to stand up any time soon.








That's adorable! Maybe we can turn this into a cute animal thread? Redeem it that way?


Let me say, I do not mean to offend, if I have.


Lol! That's the OP's face. You can insert inner monologue as you wish - mine would go:

"what the...oh.my.god...what...would you look...(silence clicking through hub)...look at that!...OMG!...jesus mary and joseph!"


So, what you're saying is that if you walked into a room of strangers, and saw a girl that tickled your fancy. You don't think that yelling 'You give me a boner' would offend her?


Here we go.
Describes the direction of this thread perfectly.


Hey op, you should go talk about this massive creep-fest over in the Thread Killer thread ....

Oh wait....you already did that too


^HAHA! I lol'd


You are absolutely correct. I was...um...enthusiastic. And of course, NO you wouldn't yell that out to a pretty girl in a crowed, but you might think about it if the beutiful girl were posing nude for a photo shoot. Have you seen some of the pics?

But the pictures I saw were so beautiful and honestly fairly erotic as well as artistic in nature (I'm wondering what the desired effect was supposed to be, then?)

But I digress. From now on, I"ll keep my comments to myself.

Again, sorry if I offended.


you make me hard. no offense.



Ah, the old 'she was asking for it' defense.

I've seen the pictures, but things such as setting play into account too. Ogle girls in SAMA, not over progress pics. If she's naked at the doctors office is different from naked at a swinger party.


How I see this....






Remember how I said Class of 2010 was a step above Class of 2009. Thanks to this guy, the class of 2010 and 2009 are on the same plane of suck.


This poor guy's looking for some acceptance but keeps shootin himself in the foot

Here's what you do op, let it die down .. lay low for a week or two then re-emerge a little wiser and with more humility.

Hey PCH, is this the guy who creeped you out in your bjj class? (it was bjj right?)


Absolutely! They don't either of them have any good trolls too! I suspect its all the high school kids who get interested in UFC or WEC and then wander over here...kind of like turds floating past, down by the old mill stream.