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Good Looking Quinoa Recipe


Can't remember ever making anything besides a hot quinoa-protein powder-almond milk concoction, so this caught my eye.

Don't forget who she is!


I didn't watch the whole thing, just skimmed it. Care to summarize the recipe?

I usually boil a batch of quinoa in low sodium chicken broth (instead of water), mix in some tumeric, garlic, and olive oil when it's done, and hit it with a combo of soy sauce and Frank's red hot when served. Any leftovers often get tossed under some chili or stirred into scrambled eggs.


I'm actually gonna make some quinoa soon for when I get home from the gym.

I rarely use it, but it's nice for variety. I personally prefer white rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes and oats for my carb sources...but, quinoa is alright for different flavor.


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